Tanke, Inc. Announces Incubation Program Expansion

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Tanke, Inc. Announces Incubation Program Expansion

Active Search for Strategic Partnership, Signing of First Partnership

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL / ACCESSWIRE / August 19, 2014 / Tanke, Incorporated (OTC Pink: TNKE) (PINKSHEETS: TNKE), a diversified holding company focused on emerging technologies and "cleantech," is pleased to announce its plans to expand its incubation program as well as the partnership with Saiya Investment Management Ltd (Saiya).

The company is currently actively seeking strategic partners to expand its incubation program. The main focus is aimed at the Small-Medium-Enterprises (SMEs) in undiscovered and high growth emerging markets.

"We are pleased with our new partnership with Saiya and look forward to having many strategic partners join us." Said Nick Balomenos, COO of Tanke. "This is a timely opportunity and our incubation program has matured to a level now which we want to ramp it up. Tanke’s incubation program unlike others accelerates developmental and fledgling companies by providing entrepreneurs with an effective array of targeted resources and services, and it also facilitates the procedure of capital rising," added Nick Balomenos. "We will continue our asset and consulting management services which are integral part of our asset base business which has grown to $5.3 million in March 2014." Said Nick Balomenos, COO of Tanke.

Successful incubation models such as SRI International have reportedly launched more than 50 ventures; with a total market capitalization exceeding $20 billion - SRI International was called "Spin-Off City1".

Over the last decade, in China alone, the number of enterprises in incubation has globally reached $213 billion in total income, with $143 billion of this being sourced from the income of graduated enterprises. Incubation has made a great contribution to the development and cultivation of SMEs, enhancing their ability to face market challenges2. In addition, the credit gap for SMEs is over $2 trillion in emerging markets. International Finance Corporation (IFC) figures estimate a total SME population worldwide of 420 to 510 million, of which 360 to 440 million are in emerging markets. Of these, there are 36 to 44 million formal SMEs globally (about 9 percent of the total SME population), of which 25 to 30 million are in emerging markets.

SMEs contribute 52% of global private sector output and 67% of employment3. Tanke’s Incubation program focuses on SMEs that are in need of capital and expansion providing them with technical, finance assistance and directed improvements over a more integrated, cross-functional and optimized operations.

Since the economic recession of 2009, the global economy has shown remarkable signs of recovery. This rapid increase highlights the increasing confidence of global investors and therefore the increasing opportunities for developmental companies. However, since the crisis, whilst investors have been searching for new opportunities they have been extremely cautious. Incubation programs raise the financial standards within firms whilst also providing them with the structure to rapidly develop. These features appeal to potential investors and therefore should provide SMEs the stage for growth and needed capital.

Over a formal platform, Tanke’s incubation program provides assistance that Angel investing cannot whilst being less intrusive than Venture Capital. Tanke’s incubation program usually lasts between six months to a year. Upon completion Tanke will have provided, technical assistance, improvements, tightening corporate compliance and preparation for expansion through facilitating the capital raising procedure.

More specifically, the program consists of two phases. During the first phase, (Review and Investigation), Tanke provides its incubating companies with corporate and business development services. In addition, to provide better management and transparency to future investors, preliminary and comprehensive Due Diligence (DD) is conducted in the aspects of finance, accounting, and operations. During the second phase (financing and financial service), prepare the company for financing and to do so, the company focuses in formalizing and standardizing their accounting practices, ensuring that all financial statements are in accordance with international accounting standards (IAS), a process seldom emphasized and of most importance.

The company is actively seeking expansion within its incubation program. The main focus is aimed at, seeking new strategic partnerships in order to discover new synergies, enter into new markets and increase value to the company. "Our enhanced Incubation program provides entrance in a fast, low cost, low risk manner for SMEs into a promising market." Added Nick Balomenos. Initial results of the expansion have seen Tanke and Saiya initiate a partnership agreement. Saiya will provide its portfolio of companies to Tanke for incubation services. "This partnership will further develop our incubation program and will give us the opportunity to expand our operations into more key markets." Stated Nick Balomenos, COO of Tanke Inc.

Additional information is available on the Company's website: www.tankeinc.com or contact Investor Relations at: [email protected]


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About Tanke Incorporated

Tanke is a diversified holding company with the mission to develop, manage and finance emerging companies in high growth industries. Tanke is focused in the development of environmental technologies and "Cleantech" for a wide range of markets such as commercial, industrial and municipal applications. Tanke believes that globalization and the emergence of Asia stresses natural resources, water, energy and food, and environmental technologies will be at the forefront of the new paradigm shift in usage of resources. Through its subsidiaries and affiliates in the world and with its deep experience in China -- the fastest growing emerging market in the world, Tanke seeks to grow through acquisitions, organic growth in the USA and also in the emerging markets. Our holdings consist of: Environmental & Water technologies, eWaste, Software-as-a-Service’s (SaaS) Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software technology, reverse logistics technologies and recycling technology.

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