Wholesale Lighting Supplier Sunlite Sponsors New DIY Ringlight for Photography

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Wholesale Lighting Supplier Sunlite Sponsors New DIY Ringlight for Photography

Brooklyn, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 18, 2014 / As an example of how the wholesale lighting supplier Sunlite is making waves in various industries, Sunlite sponsored a new DIY Ringlight for the photography field. New York City-based photographer Dani Diamond constructed the revolutionary tool as a way to find a new, creative avenue for his photography work.

Diamond made a brief DIY video, posted in the Sunlite blog, announcing his reason behind the creation of the giant Ringlight, and how photographers can build their own. The Ringlight's two purposes are to allow Diamond to shoot his model with a shallow depth of field, and produce a catch light in the model's eyes.

The inspiration for the project came after Diamond observed another photographer, Jay Russell, assemble his. However, Diamond said he wanted to design his own as "cleaner," and "to weigh less" than Russell's version. It took Diamond two days and $120 to put his Ringlight together. The notches in the ring allow Diamond to photograph his model at a side angle and to make the ring weigh less, therefore making it somewhat more portable.

As a sponsor of the Ringlight project, Sunlite sent Diamond over 1,000 bulbs for him to test. In the video, Diamond said he discovered that "the cheapest bulbs are usually the best bulbs." The Ringlight utilizes Sunlite's 42 watt, medium-based, A-Type bulb. This bulb shines a frost glass finish and can last at most 1.3 years with standard household use. The model number is 25141-SU.

"The bulbs that are currently being used in my ring light are the standard [halogen] bulbs, which are 42 watt [and] soft white, made by Sunlite," Diamond said. "I recommend using those. The only thing is, if you try mixing this with ambient light, your Ambilight will come out looking really blue."

In photography, a depth of field effect is simply how much an object is in focus. The standard way of achieving a shallow depth of field is to use a neutral density (ND) filter on a camera. As a natural light photographer, Diamond grasps the concept of continuous lighting and how it makes his models look in photographs. He specializes in fashion, landscape, and portrait photography.

Though Diamond's models love the Ringlight, it also gives them some discomfort when they pose in front of it.

"One of the biggest issues with this ring light is that it gives off so much heat," Diamond said. "So I use a fan on the side. It also helps with blowing my models' hair also which looks really cool and dramatic for some photos."

About Sunlite

Located in the New York City area, Sunlite is a wholesale lighting supplier that stocks its 100,000-plus square feet of warehouse storage with over 13,000 merchandises, including major names like General Electric, Philips, and others. Sunlite lighting solutions include a learning center that educates on various concepts of lighting, including types of bulbs. For more information, visit http://www.sunlite.com.


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