MOP Environmental Solutions, Inc. begins production in Bath on new MOP SOK

MOP Environmental Solutions, Inc.


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MOP Environmental Solutions, Inc. begins production in Bath on new MOP SOK

Fairfield, CT / ACCESSWIRE / August 18, 2014 / MOP CEO, Jamie O’Brien, announced today that beginning next week, production of the new JPO Absorbents ‘MOP SOK’ will begin at the original MOP production facility in Bath, NH. "We are extremely excited about our new MOP SOK" said O’Brien. "The MOP SOK is the most cost effective and highest performing absorbent sock on the market today. The combination of our patented MOP product and our organic hydrocarbon absorbing materials make the MOP SOK a must for anyone involved in spill response. And because our MOP SOK repels water, it can be used in response to spills on water as well." said O’Brien.

"The decision to reopen Bath was a relatively easy one," said Jim Reck, VP of MOP. "The equipment was already in place, raw materials were still being stored there and the original machine operators were willing to get back into production on a limited scale. With their experience, we are confident that in a very short period of time, they will have our inventory numbers up to a manageable level. Now that we have 100% control over our sock production, we will be able to offer both standard size socks; and have the capacity to accept custom orders."

O’Brien added, "Our company is deeply committed to preserving and enhancing our environment. The fact that the plant in Bath still operates on its own power, supplied by the on site hydro plant, made the decision to utilize that facility that much easier. Jim (Reck) will be on site to ensure that the new MOP SOK’s are produced to our specifications and standards."

The new JPO MOP SOK+ will be available in standard 3"x 4' and 3"x10' lengths. Custom sizes will be available by request and special request will always be welcome. 

SOURCE: MOP Environmental Solutions, Inc.