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Get Medicare Supplement Quotes in an Instant at MSIC

Medicare supplement comparison site "MSIC" announced today that they have added even more companies to their comparison list


Los Angeles, CA / ACCESSWIRE / August 18, 2014 / Medicare Supplemental Insurance Comparison announced today that it has added an additional 23,000 vetted insurance providers to their database.  This new addition has made the website number 4 in the top ten largest in the country, and traffic has increased by 600% since the database upgrade.

83 year old Stephen Pewter, who created the website as a way to help fellow seniors get quick insurance quotes without any personal information, said today: "I’m excited that my website has reached this many seniors. People think that seniors don’t want convenience, but we want it more than anyone! I created this website to give my friends a way to compare Medicare providers quickly and easily, and with the addition of these new providers I’m able to give more people across the country more thorough quotes. I can’t wait to see the response for this upgrade; my family and I are very excited."    

Before pioneers like Mr. Pewter revolutionized Medicare supplemental insurance quotes, visitors had to provide sensitive information such as their name or address- sometimes even their phone number. "Just because you’re online it doesn’t mean you want to give out your personal information," says Stephen. "In fact, being online is even scarier, at least for my generation. I made this website so seniors could find quotes anonymously, without getting pressured by salespeople and certainly without providing their name or home address."

So far feedback for the website has been exemplary, and Stephen gets letters every day from people congratulating him on a truly helpful website. "I love the Internet," says Stephen. "I’m teaching my grandson how to make websites, and for my friends it’s usually the other way around! This has been a very rewarding experience."  

To learn more about Stephen, his website "Medicare Supplemental Insurance Comparison," or to get a free anonymous side-by-side comparison of all the best Medicare supplemental insurance companies in a given area, please visit:

About aims to help visitors secure the best rates for Medicare supplemental insurance. The site uses the most advanced price quote technology, and has recently added 23,000 insurance comparison companies to their continuously growing database.


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SOURCE: Medicare Supplemental Insurance Comparison