, an Informational and Dependable Forex Trading Information Website, Announces Its Launch

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The Website Serves as an Informational Portal About Foreign Exchange Trading by Providing Easy-to-Use Guides, Resources, and Directories of Important Forex Brokers

Los Angeles, CA / ACCESSWIRE / Aug 18, 2014 /, a website that specializes in educating its readers about the world of foreign exchange trading, recently announced its launch. The website, which is excellent for anyone starting out in the Forex world, offers its visitors a wide variety of useful information geared to help them succeed in in foreign exchange trading.’s most raved about offerings include depth guides, resources, and a directory of top Forex brokers that includes over 80 listings.

“When building Forextra, we were conscious that there were many hobbyist websites out there that were offering information without a background of financial experience,” said James Parkinson, the site’s founder. “We hope that the combination of expert content from a specialist writer and detailed comparisons of brokers in our directory of trading platforms will help prospective traders make informed choices with regards to their trading strategies and the software or trading house they use.”

Since’s purpose is to help explain Forex trading in such a way that even a beginner could understand it, the website’s numerous guides are excellent information resources for new and existing traders. Each one is written by Andrew Rosenbaum, a Europe-based financial journalist who understands the trade completely and has written for top publications such as Euromoney, BusinessWeek, and TIME Magazine. The website’s collection of in-depth guides includes some about Forex Trading Strategies and Analyses, Crude Oil Trading, and CFD Trading.

For example, one popular article under Technical Analysis explains how traders use past price movements to predict future trends. The write-up discusses the three essential theorems that help traders create their predictions, even going on to explain how nothing in the Forex world is random.’s “Technical Analysis” article also shows the reader how to understand charts, which are essential to finding patterns, and the Fibonacci Retracement, which can help to test volatility and momentum in trades. 

Additionally, also provides its readers with an extensive list of Forex brokers—all corralled into a directory. This allows traders to compare the features of each broker and examine their individual features closely. Readers can peruse the website’s collection of top brokers by a variety of filters—such as trading levels, bonuses, platforms, regulations, and instruments, and operating systems—which ensures that each client can find the right information that they need.

Individuals interested in learning more about and its information can visit the company’s website for additional information. 

About is a guide to the world of online trading, whether in currencies, commodities or CFDs and equities. The website’s guides and resources allow traders to hone their skills or find inspiration for new approaches to trading, and its detailed directory of brokers help traders choose the trading platform that is right for them. For more information, please visit 


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