Large Numbers of Dogs Threatened by Summer Festival “Boknal” in Korea

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Large Numbers of Dogs Threatened by Summer Festival “Boknal” in Korea

#Bandogmeat Seeks to End the Needless Suffering of Millions of Animals


Chicago, IL / ACCESSWIRE / August 15, 2014 / A charity is making an urgent appeal to raise funds in its mission to rescue dogs from slaughter in Korea.

#Bandogmeat is a group of three volunteer campaigners who manage two websites - one for raising awareness of the dog meat industry worldwide, - and the other is a new but related project.

The group has realized that it needs to direct its efforts towards promoting the adoption of the thousands of dogs that are presently captive in meat market farms in Korea. The unfortunate fact is that dogs from meat market farms are considered undesirable by locals, so most will not be adopted.

#bandogmeat is therefore raising funds to cover the costs of web hosting, custom software, promotion and translation services in order to create an international adoption website.

Collating statistics is a challenge due to the unregulated nature of the dog meat industry, but It is estimated that in Korea an average of 2.5 million dogs are slaughtered every year. According to, "The majority of dog meat is used for special tonics that are meant to ‘boost stamina.’"

"Of the 100,000 tons of dog meat processed every year, over 8,000 tons are consumed in soups and other dishes. There are three different holidays throughout the summer called Boknal because dog meat is known to have a ‘cooling effect. The last day being August 14th called Malbok.’ There are still thousands of restaurants that sell dog meat in Korea despite international pressure."

The fundraising campaign for the international adoption website will run for another 50 days.

About #BanDogMeat:

Founded in 2013, #bandogmeat's mission is to end dog meat consumption worldwide. Every year 2.5 million dogs are inhumanely slaughtered in South Korea alone. #bandogmeat is a group of volunteer campaigners headquartered out of Chicago, IL. Readers interested in contributing funds to the campaign can visit


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SOURCE: BanDogMeat