WFMC P2P Memo to Shareholders



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WFMC P2P Memo to Shareholders

Memo to shareholders on P2P, Las Vegas; The following update has been released today by the management of P2P, a division of Wham Inc. 

Chicago, IL / ACCESSWIRE / August 15, 2014 / At P2P, we strive to innovate and develop the most unique, the most prestigious and the most durable environmental weatherproof high-tech devices that the global market has ever experienced. Founded upon our core technologies in weatherproofing of high-tech devices, our products range from 100% underwater-submersible, IP67/68 & NEMA6 rated waterproof HDTVs and HD-Displays, HD-Billboards, HD Video-Walls and Touch-Interactive HD-KIOSKs for the Outdoor HD Digital Advertising and Public Information Display purposes, to extreme-weatherproof Commercial & Industrial devices. 

P2P is dedicated to taking its social responsibilities for preservation of the green environment as well as the global human relations, rooted on its profound "People 2 People" philosophy.

The CEO of P2P has recently returned from Korea after spending a few weeks in getting the manufacturing infrastructure and tooling ready for the upcoming mass production (MP) of the digital taxi tops starting in Mid-September with an anticipated delivery of the first batch in December 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This unprecedented and state of the art [Mobile Digital Advertising] medium projects FHD (1080p Full High Def.) JPEG & MPEG advertisements viewable from 360 degrees.  Its specially fabricated Super Brite LED-BLU LCD displays can be clearly readable under direct sunlight and P2P’s built-in extreme temperature management system enables the product to efficiently operate in between extreme – 65 degrees Fahrenheit and 230 degrees Fahrenheit of Operating temperature range.  Such extreme weatherproofing and temp-tolerant technologies of P2P’s will effectively enable multiple HD advertisements to sequentially run on each moving taxi vehicle, maximizing the full effect of digital advertising as well as associated advertisement revenue.  Moreover, it is getting many Nevada marketing companies and advertisers extremely excited and stirring up their interest in program participation. 

The delay on the supplier contract over the past few weeks has been owing to the fact that the two biggest taxi cab operators of North America have recently approached BELL Transport ( with possible interest in joining this Digital Taxi Top Advertisement program.  One of the companies have already executed an MOU, while the other is moving forward to establish terms with BELL. 

BELL Transport with its different brands of taxi fleets in Las Vegas (Whittlesea, Henderson, etc…) has signed on for the 5 year 23 million dollar plus deal. Bell Transport owns 26% of the entire market share, while the other 2 operators, financial deals to be announced upon signing, owns about 65%. All 3 brands combined exceed 90% of the entire market share in Las Vegas, Nevada.  These operators are also national in both US and Canada in all major metropolitan cities, including but not limited to NYC, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, Austin and Miami as well as their international fleet affiliates in EU and UAE.

Additional partners to this program via BELL’s network mean additional sales, which substantially create an added value for P2P.  Both P2P and BELL are expected to execute their final agreement within a week. 

P2P Video: 
Wham inc. is releasing a P2P video demonstration of its high-tech ground breaking devices to its investors. Send in your email request at to receive code and video

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