CTGX: Using a Strategy of Mineral Diversification to Protect Investors

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CTGX: Using a Strategy of Mineral Diversification to Protect Investors



San Francisco, CA / ACCESSWIRE / Aug 15, 2014 / CTGX Mining, Inc. (stock symbol: CHCX) is a unique, dynamic and innovative American mining company with international mining operations that is incorporating and utilizing a strategy of mineral diversification in its operations to protect its investors and maximize its returns.

Through its many different programs, innovations and approaches, CTGX seeks to reduce investment risk for its investors (through a program of diversification of its ores and revenue streams), while generating profits and creating long-term economic growth & sustainability for the company & its shareholders. 

President and CEO Greg Trombley said that: “By diversifying its ores and mineral production, CTGX Mining, Inc. will not be putting all of its eggs into one or two specialized ore baskets which can lead to economic uncertainties for the company and its investor base from the ebbs and flows of macro-economic and micro-economic market conditions.”

Instead, CTGX is applying a program strategy of ‘diversification’ in its mining projects and ore selections in order to protect its shareholders from the rise and fall of “individual” market fluctuations thereby effectively ensuring both short-term profitable returns on investment and long-term growth & sustainability for the company.  Greg added: “If product(s) in one market drops we have other ore products and markets to buffer and/or soften its adverse impact.” 

As an example of this strategy, the principal minerals at our initial and very large project (on over 55,000 acres – 110,000 hectares – of land in Mexico) will include substantial amounts of: Gold, Lithium, Boron, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium, and several important and very valuable Rare Earth Elements. Currently the long term-prospects for gold are strong, as governmental currencies worldwide continue to decline in value and stability as governments continue to print non-asset backed currency to support increases in governmental debt.  Because of this, market forces are anticipated to continue placing increased pressure and demands on governments for a return to gold and silver backed currencies.  China and Russia lead in this arena.  Demand continues to increase.

Lithium has strong long-term growth potential as well.  It has several industrial applications, including heat-resistant glass and ceramics, high strength-to-weight alloys used in aircraft, lithium batteries for laptops, cell phones . . . and lithium-ion batteries which are being targeted for all-electric vehicles.  These uses consume more than half of lithium production and are expected to increase in the future especially with the potential of all-electric vehicles – China is in the forefront of this industry at present.  

- Boron has many applications and uses from fiberglass, glass and ceramics to insecticides to laundry detergents to Health & Pharmaceutical applications to military applications (used in bullet proof vests for instance) to space vehicles...  As the result of Fukushima, and because of its strong anti-radioactive qualities and benefits it has strong long-term commercial growth potential that can likewise help our planet.  Because boron is the only mineral capable of accepting and ionizing radiation that never changes the nucleus of living cells, Hawaii farmers began using it after Fukushima to feed their cows and goats sodium borate at milking times, as well as adding it to kelp and water troughs and grass.

- Magnesium, potassium, and sodium also have many commercial needs and are good potential revenue streams as well. 

- Rare Earth Elements are the unsung heroes of 21st Century technology and are critical in almost everything we use from computers, to cell phones to color televisions to medical technologies (like laser surgery) to hybrid automobiles (there is 10 lbs. of Lanthanum in the battery of every Prius automobile that is sold for instance).  As such there is practically a gold rush going on by countries like China, the U.S., Japan, and even Toyota to stockpile as much of these materials as possible. 

- Additionally, our initial project in Mexico (which is located in the heart of Mexico’s volcanic belt) also shows strong potential for geothermal clean energy production which is yet another potential revenue stream (Mexico is highly supportive of the potential of clean geothermal energy) that CTGX will be exploring for its profit/loss potential and long-term ongoing sustainable operating revenue stream for the company.  A possible joint venture enterprise/operation is always a possibility which will be explored.  This is another example of CTGX’s diversified approach.

- CTGX President & CEO Greg Trombley went on to state that: “With Tom Alire as CTGX’s new Chairman of the Board and his experience (previously President of Xerox – Mexico & Latin America) and contacts throughout Mexico and Latin America, CTGX is also currently investigating several other potential mining projects in Mexico that are involving iron ore and copper which are in high demand in several Asian Pacific markets at present as well.


Gregory R. Trombley
President & CEO
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