AURI and its Subsidiary, Phoenix Fulfillment Group LLC, Announce the Hiring of Matthew Beaufort as Curator and Art Historian for Fine Art Collections

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AURI and its Subsidiary, Phoenix Fulfillment Group LLC, Announce the Hiring of Matthew Beaufort as Curator and Art Historian for Fine Art Collections

DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / August 14, 2014 / Auri, Inc. (OTC Pink: AURI) (PINKSHEETS: AURI) (the "Company"), Matthew Beaufort graduated from Yale University magna cum laude with Honors in the History of Art. Matthew has a Masters Degree and is currently Professor of Humanities at MUM, Fairfield, Iowa.Mathew wrote a 100 page thesis on art and consciousness while at Yale, under the direction of Dr. Sheldon Nodelman. His particular field of expertise is Italian Renaissance Art and teaching art history in an inspirational manner to develop the appreciation and understanding of great art as an expression of the heart, mind and soul.   Matthew is very involved with the education process and will bring to AURI a wealth of knowledge that will illuminate our fine art collections. Matthew has expressed his excitement in becoming part of our management team by saying: "In Western art, gold has been a symbol of heaven and celestial realms, as well as affluence and royalty. The name AURI means gold in Italian— the perfect name to express our mission as a fine art company."

Matthew will be charged with developing art historical materials to support the promotion of our collections.  Matthew will also be the communicator of provenance and will work in concert with our marketing department on all materials to support the significance of our art collections both as fine art originals and as limited edition reproductions.  He has led art tours to Paris, Florence and Rome, has led cultural tours to Chicago specifically on Italian Renaissance Art.  He has lectured at Grinnell College, Iowa Weslyan College, Yale and other universities.   Matthew's knowledge and love for art and art appreciation has him in high demand conducting private tours at MOMA, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Frick Collection in New York, the Brooklyn Museum, the Gardner Museum in Boston and RISD Museum Providence and Yale Art Gallery in New Haven.  Also he has conducted education tours at the National Gallery and Sackler Gallery in Washington DC.

Matthew Beaufort has also lectured extensively in China giving courses on Western Art and appreciation of Western Art.  He has expressed that "there is thirst in China to understand, appreciate and acquire great Western Art."  The President of Auri, Scott Weinert, has commented that "this is one of the emerging markets that AURI is looking at; China represents a new opportunity to provide fine art to the private collectors and also limited edition reproductions of great art, both paintings and sculptures, that would accessible to the growing middle class of China."

Matthew Beaufort will be giving a lecture tour of the original bronze sculptures of Michelangelo that are on exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Biblical Arts on Tuesday, September 19th at 3:30 pm. 

Recently, Auri, Inc., (AURI) Announced Agreement to Acquire Phoenix Fulfillment Group LLC., and an addition of a new President.


AURI Inc…."We're as good as gold!"

The Company was formed by a group of investors whose talents and interests were based in Production, Content Development, Audio/Visual Presentations, Intellectual Properties Development and acquisitions, as well as oil and gas and real-estate investments. The management is based around seasoned corporate officers, directors and consultants who are experienced in management and mergers/acquisitions of multimillion dollar companies. The company's plan and concept was developed and based around a plan of acquiring and developing "High End Art and Reproductions," focusing AURI INC to become a Publisher and Licensor. Then, retaining the duplication and reproduction rights, on an exclusive basis, in order to sell and distribute the products worldwide. The company and management believe that they can create, sustain and grow one of the largest art publishing companies in the world.

ABOUT Phoenix Fulfillment Group LLC.

Phoenix Fulfillment Group LLC is a marketing, sales and distribution company focused on delivering consumer products to retailers and distributors in various market sectors in North America. Phoenix Fulfillment Group LLC has well established manufacturing relationships with factories in China and Southeast Asia where products are produced and shipped to its customers.   Phoenix provides design direction and logistics support to the factories as well to insure a high level of customer satisfaction from its customers.   The company has decades of experience in trading with China and other Asian countries and also decades of experience in building relationships with retail partners. 

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