Alternative Energy and Environmental Solutions, Inc. Appoints New CEO and Announces Name Change to Unique Growing Solutions Inc

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Alternative Energy and Environmental Solutions, Inc. Appoints New CEO and Announces Name Change to Unique Growing Solutions Inc

Pursuing a New Business Model in Exploding Industries, Newly Rebranded Unique Growing Solutions, Inc. Hires Richard Johnson to Lead The Company as it Provides Turn Key Solutions to the Natural and Organic Food, and Cannabis Space

HOUSTON, TX / ACCESSWIRE / August 13, 2014 / Alternative Energy and Environmental Solutions, Inc. (OTCQB: ALNE) filed a Form 8K after it entered into an employment agreement with Richard Johnson, by which Mr. Johnson will serve as the Chief Executive Officer, President, and Chief Financial Officer of the Company.  In addition, Peter Bianchi was appointed as a new board member, providing valuable insight and leadership to the growing company. The Company is also rebranding as Unique Growing Solutions, Inc. and intends to change its business operations to that of a sales and leasing company catering to the greenhouse agricultural industry. Unique Growing Solutions, Inc. intends to focus on the organic and natural food industry as well as the emerging cannabis sector.

"Timing is always important, and we are eager to begin implementing our new business model and reap the benefits from the explosive growth within the organic food and cannabis sectors," said the newly appointed CEO Richard Johnson.  "We believe we have a unique, comprehensive, and affordable program to provide growers with the products and technology to achieve maximum results," said Johnson.

About Unique Growing Solutions, Inc.

Unique Growing Solutions is a sales, leasing, and consulting company that provides turnkey solutions to the natural/organic food industry and the emerging cannabis sector.  The Company has developed proprietary Enviropods that incorporate cutting edge hydroponic grow systems with intelligent greenhouse lighting, and ancillary horticulture support apparatus.  These Enviropods provide growers with a comprehensive clean-room environment to maximize the quality and quantity of their crop output. TheEnviropod business model concept is intended for small businesses and individuals, leveraging the economies of scale to mitigate the financial barriers of entry for novice or experienced growers.

Unique Growing Solutions also plans to launch proprietary wholesale food and beverage brands leveraging their portable growing systems. The Company believes this portability will give them access to local markets and cater to the immediate needs of such markets regardless of the seasonality of crops or geographic and or climate limitations.

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- risk of foreign currency fluctuations and the currency translation impact on the company's business associated with these fluctuations;

- regulatory risks associated with the company's products, which could require the company to modify its claims or inhibit the company's ability to import or continue selling a product in a market if it is determined to be a medical device or if it is unable to register the product in a timely manner under applicable regulatory requirements;

- any inability to secure necessary governmental approvals or licenses to effect any future changes or expansion;

- regulatory scrutiny and investigations in target markets in Asia and other foreign markets, that could in the future, negatively impact the company's business, including the interruption of sales activities in stores, loss of licenses, and the imposition of fines;

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