Study Shows Most Drivers Can Save Money in Under 60 Minutes

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Share Tweet Study Shows Most Drivers Can Save Money in Under 60 Minutes has undertaken and analysed research to identify if drivers can save money on auto insurance by shopping around. Their studies confirm that more than half of drivers can reduce their premiums by as much as $1,000.


San Francisco, CA, United States of America / ACCESSWIRE / August 12th, 2014 / identified three major reasons for the reluctance to shop around for discounts. Many motorists are under the false impression that their insurer is the cheapest in the market and will always be the best quote available. “Often customers are seduced by insurers’ marketing efforts believing their claims to be the cheapest in the market. Our comparison engine illustrates this is untrue, no insurer is always the cheapest, it varies according to geography, level of cover and the circumstances of the driver. Some insurers are better for older drivers for instance while others may be better for low mileage motorists. Consumers also need to understand the market moves constantly. So, by the time renewal comes around who is the cheapest will have changed completely” commented a spokesperson for

Furthermore, there is a false belief among motorists that each company rates closely follow the market and therefore there isn’t much room for savings. spokesperson says, “We found that the price difference between the highest and lowest quote can be as much as couple of thousand dollars that this is not clearly the case”. For these two reasons about seventy percent of motorists renew their policies without getting alternative quotes and possibly losing out on discounts.

Secondly, the majority of motorists complain about how boring and time consuming the whole process is. A spokesperson for commented; “Although we can’t deny finding car insurance savings isn’t an exciting process it is no longer a time consuming and arduous one. Our research and other surveys have concluded the whole process of finding a better insurance deal takes about an hour if they use a comprehensive comparison tool like the one featured on our site. This allows people to find what deals are available in their zip code before going on to get a full quote from select companies with each quote taking less than 10 minutes. The key is to make sure you get the same coverage and assurance when you find a cheaper premium. Only then can you be sure that you found a better deal”.

A final interesting finding of the research showed once people had saved on their insurance they are likely to repeat the process. A spokesperson commented, “Once someone had tried a price comparison site for car insurance they continued to use it every year. Although there is some reluctance to try to get cheaper car insurance, once people have done it once they are hooked on the savings, they realize that every year they can reduce their costs with very little effort. This follows our experience as we see repeat visits to our site.”

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