Celebrities to be Recruited to Design Canadian Luxury 'SMARTWARE' Bags

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Celebrities to be Recruited to Design Canadian Luxury 'SMARTWARE' Bags


  • -Soon to be publicly-listed company offers luxury accessories with crowd-sourced GPS tracking

    -Celebrities being signed up to design handbags, briefcases, duffelbags and more

    -Canadian owned, US made, with Italian leathers

Vancouver, BC / ACCESSWIRE / August 11 2014 / It's been a great night. The conversation was great, the drinks cold, the food fantastic, and it's time to go.. only, where's your bag?

Am I right, ladies?

If it hasn't happened to you, you're blessed, but for most people we all recall with a mixture of horror and anger that moment when our wallet or handbag or briefcase or duffel bag or luggage was picked up by person's unknown, never to be seen again.

Canadian designer Mezzi has a solution. And it's so un-crazy, it might just change everything.

Mezzi, which is preparing for public listing in the next month or so, is a B.C.-based luxury bag manufacturer and retailer that does everything you'd expect an elite luggage and handbag line to do.

The bags are made in the USA. They feature Italian leathers. They're designed by one of the bigger up-and-coming names in the business, Raif Adelberg.

But they have one interesting differentiator that could see demand for their product explode: They're trackable.

Mezzi bag owners simply download the Mezzi TrackR app for their phone, sync it up with the tracking chip in their bag, and you can locate your prized possession on your phone wherever it happens to end up.

Lost by the airline? Just check your phone to see which ocean it is currently flying over. Stolen by a bar patron? Track it right to his pizza box-littered bachelor pad. Left behind after a walk of shame? No need to remember an address through a hangover haze, just follow the crowd-sourced GPS signal back to where it's sitting.

Lost your phone? The Mezzi TrackR chip works both ways, and can set off an alarm on your smartphone to help you track it - or make a thief ditch it.

Should you decide to abandon your lost item, that same app will show you the full line of Mezzi products available for purchase to replace it.

Adelberg defines Mezzi as "Smart Luxury", and notes that the entire sales process for the products embraces new tech - from 'just in time' manufacturing, that allows the company to make the bag when you order it and have it to you in three weeks, rather than have to sit on millions of dollars of inventory, to future fabric coating tech that the company says will make next generation Mezzi leather and suede products waterproof and stain repellant.

"Right off the hop, we are different because we are an online-only luxury brand," says Adelberg. "Most, if not all, other brands sink lots of capital into bricks and mortar retail stores and inventory. But consumer behaviour has changed so much over the last decade. People are willing to buy just about anything and everything online these days and many prefer to have products delivered directly to them rather than have to rifle through racks in a store."

Adelberg points to Blue Nile as a great example of this trend, an online-only jeweler that has captured a massive share of the diamond ring market. "Last year they did more than $400m in sales and their average sale is around $6,000 all online," he says.

To ensure optimal brand awareness, Mezzi management are working closely with dozens of top online and social media influencers to create original web content to be shared through both the Mezzi channels and the individual influencer's online networks.

To make those celebrity connections, the company has the perfect man for the job in Vancouver's Keir Reynolds.

Tech sector fans will remember Reynolds' work in front-loading the Mobio social media platform with names like Kim Kardashian, Scott Disick, Cristiano Ronaldo, Pam Anderson, Bella Thorne, Paul Wesley and more in late 2013. The plan is for Reynolds to continue that tradition with Mezzi, bringing in celebrities to not just promote the products, but help design them too.

"You're going to see bags designed by musicians, artists, actors, models.. the celebrity will share in the success of their design and, we expect, do their utmost to promote the products they help create," says Reynolds.

Will a Kardashian or three be involved, I ask. A knowing smile is all I get back.

For more information on Mezzi, visit the website at http://www.mezzi.com

For press enquiries: Olivia Lovenmark, Manager, Investor Relations. [email protected], (604) 805-5416

This information article was prepared by Stockhouse Publishing for free redistribution and publishing at the expense of Mezzi as a Stockhouse Publishing marketing client. For more information on Stockhouse, visit http://www.stockhouse.com

About CCT Capital Ltd.

CCT Capital Ltd. has entered into a letter of intent effective April 23, 2014, pursuant to which the company has agreed to acquire all of the issued and outstanding securities of Mezzi Canada Inc., an arm's-length party. It is presently contemplated that the business combination will proceed by way of a three-cornered amalgamation in which Mezzi will amalgamate with a wholly owned subsidiary of CCT, and the amalgamated company will become a wholly owned subsidiary of the resulting issuer.

About Mezzi

Mezzi is a privately held designer and marketer of luxury luggage products, incorporated under the laws of Canada.

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