Latteno Set to Reap Benefits of Lucrative Colorado MMJ Grow Farm Business Model

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Latteno Set to Reap Benefits of Lucrative Colorado MMJ Grow Farm Business Model

Unique Pilot Project with Licensed Grower to Ensure High Productivity

DENVER, CO / ACCESSWIRE / August 11, 2014 / Latteno Food Corp. (OTC Pink: LATF) (PINKSHEETS: LATF) is please to announce that its first Colorado MMJ Grow Farm Partnership Project is set to begin cultivation within the next two weeks. The unique Grow Farm Project is part of Latteno's aggressive MMJ Initiative and is designed to maximize productivity and profitability by partnering with experienced Licensed Growers. 

Latteno's Colorado MMJ Grow Farm Partnership Project is based on the business model whereby, the Company buys available farm land in Colorado's IA zone and partners with experienced Licensed Grower. This arrangement will provide the Company with the required experience and licensing to ensure high productivity and reduce 'trial and error' waste.

 The process has been streamlined and has been developed to adapt easily to multiple Projects:

- Close escrow on a farm/warehouse in Denver IA zone, the zone in Denver with the capability of upgrading electrical power from the standard 200 megawatts to the required 800.

- Sign contract with Licensed Grower.

- Apply for electricity upgrade with local utility; required transformer is order by Utility

- 4-5 weeks after the application has been submitted the Utility provides us with the transformer.

The Company is pleased to announce that it already has already acquired the property for the Pilot Project; formally applied (3 weeks ago) to the local Utility for power upgrade; completed agreements with the Licensed Growers; and reasonably expect to have power generator upgraded within the next week or two and cultivation commenced immediately thereafter. In fact, the Growers have already acquired the seedling MMJ plants.

The Company believes that its Colorado MMJ Grow Farm Partnership Project is an integral part of its overall MMJ Strategy and the new ventures and initiatives have been developed to provide complementary, sustainable revenue streams.

The Company expects to file its 6 month financials and disclosure documents as required by OTCMarkets in the next few days.

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