Webinar Jam is the Most Reliable Webinar Software Worldwide Enabling Front-end marketing for Google Hangouts

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Webinar Jam is the Most Reliable Webinar Software Worldwide Enabling Front-end marketing for Google Hangouts

La Jolla, CA / ACCESSWIRE / August 11, 2014 / Webinar Jam is a frontend marketing tool for Google Hangouts developed for marketers, by marketers. Webinar Jam created webinar software that provides marketers infinite webinars and limitless attendees, and is reasonable for majority of business owners. The website is developed by Marketing Genesis, which provides services and products that help a lot of entrepreneurs and small business owners with regard to their sales and online marketing. Putting together a connection in a live situation is vital for entrepreneurs who want to build their own brand. From the marketing experience of Webinar Jam, nothing converts high compared to live webinars.

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For an affordable price, Webinar Jam provides unlimited webinars, free webinar hosting, unlimited attendees, free updates always, unlimited support, and 30-day money back guarantee. Google Hangouts has become the most ideal platform for online conferences and webinars. With the help of Webinar Jam, having webinar software allows Google Hangouts to reveal its complete true potential. Online marketers all love Google Hangouts as they are easy-to-use, trustworthy, and never disappoints. With enhanced amazing marketing features of Webinar Jam, this entire package is unbeatable!

Webinar Jam provides marketers complete flexibility as a presenter of the webinar or online conference. People can switch regularly and as many as they want. The webinar software is also available in multi-language form including Turkish, Swedish, Romanian, Portuguese, Polish, Norweigan, Finnish, Dutch, Brazilian, Italian, French, Spanish, German, English and more.

Marketers can also include an overlay footer bar that has the name of the company and the topic of webinar in order to make it unique. In that way, once attendees of the webinar log onto the webinar room, attendees will be aware of the company and what is the webinar all about right away.

Webinar Jam Review

"Perfect timing for 2014! This is the best value webinar tool on the market in my opinion! Webinars are a major part of my business strategy for 2014 and with Webinar Jam it'll make life so much easier and cheaper to reach a wider audience. Thanks again guys! You've done it again! Another fantastic tool from the bosses!!!"

"One stop shop with great tutorials for ease of use. I haven't tapped into everything they have to offer yet, but from what I can see, this is awesome."


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