Attune RTD Pilot Program Customers Confirm Savings

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Attune RTD Pilot Program Customers Confirm Savings

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, United States / ACCESSWIRE / Aug 8, 2014 / Attune RTD (OTCQB:AURT), continues to celebrate three years of uninterruptedBrioWave™ operational duty in the field, delivering savings and convenience. Over the past three years, Attune’s BrioWave™ technology has consistently delivered dollar savings with documented success from several customers like Shayna in Palm Desert, CA, who says, “My BrioWave pool controller and my solar system work together to reduce our energy bills and keep our pool sparkling clean. I love it.” Jenette from Yucaipa, CA, said, “My BrioWave pool controller keeps my pool really clean and it saved me 42% off of my entire energy bill. In order to get that kind of savings, I would have had to spend $20,000 or more on a solar system.”

Attune’s BrioWave™ technology can deliver consumers “Whole Home” savings of up to 70% and potentially pay for itself in less than one year.

Beacon Global Partners, LLC, (BGP), who is currently acquiring majority-voting control of Attune, expects Attune to begin production by early Fall of 2014 and generate top line revenue in 2014. Projected revenue for 2015 is over $8 million, contingent on funding.

About Attune RTD

California-based Attune | RTD is engaged in the design and development of energy hardware and software solutions. Attune's first to market series of smart products are designed to create outstanding value for consumers, resellers and utilities by optimizing existing energy management technologies while also maximizing synergies between such technologies to further increase value.

Attune’s patented BrioWaveTM Technology is a “Smart Energy Controller” unlike any product on the market today. It does not manage just a single function or element, but integrates the functions of all single and multiple speed motors and networks them to “Load Balance” energy consumption, reducing overall consumption and preventing consumers from ever hitting peak “time-of-use” pricing. The BrioWave has saved consumers on average 40% on a single speed motor and as much as 72% on multiple speed motors.

The BrioWave Technology addresses energy demands by curtailing usage and excess energy consumption, providing a lost cost/immediate benefit solution, reducing spikes in consumption and overall demand, eliminating inefficiencies and reducing costs to consumers.

The BrioWave offers additional swimming pool specific benefits such as reading ambient air temperature reducing filtration times, upgradable to perform automatic backwashing, pool Entrapment technology can help save lives and equipment by automatically shutting off the pump when it detects an obstruction and it automatically tracks seasonal changes and daylight savings time.

BrioWave Smart Energy Management Controllers have been through a rigorous pilot program with a major utility provider, are "CSA" approved, amplify savings realized from solar arrays, are easily configured to integrate within the home network environment, scalable and programmable to make assumptions based on real time energy pricing, and designed to seamlessly integrate/communicate with utility installed Smart Meters presenting an effective demand response solution. BrioWave technology is further enhanced with Attune's proprietary dashboard accessible from any mainstream browser providing both end user and utility provider a compliment of powerful business intelligence tools and key performance indicators to reduce energy consumption and quickly address unplanned demand response events.

Forward Looking Statements

The statements contained in this press release contain certain forward-looking statements, including statements regarding the company's expectations, intentions, strategies, and beliefs regarding the future. All statements contained herein are based upon information available to the Company's management as of the date hereof, and actual results may vary based upon future events, both within and without the control of the company's management.


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