iPhone 6 Cases Giveaway

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iPhone 6 Cases Giveaway

Troutdale, OR / ACCESSWIRE / August 7, 2014 / The iPhone 6 cases are available for sale and some are free! Numerous companies are introducing iPhone 6 cases prior to the release of the phone. Eager to please the consumers, some companies offer giveaways to promote new product. Invellop LLC, manufacturer of smart phone and tablet accessories, already has an iPhone 6 wallet case available online for pre-order, and has provided an Amazon discount code for the first 100 cases FREE. The next 1,000 cases sold will receive a 50% discount using the same code. See if you are one of the lucky buyers and plug in THIS code at the check-out.

Code: 2UA2F46G

Here is the link: Giveaway!


SOURCE: Invellop LLC