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Gold? Go Zimtu

LONDON, ENGLAND / ACCESSWIRE / August 7, 2014 / In our latest research report, the gold price is trading on the edge. Should gold succeed in rising above $1,330, we anticipate the start of a new and strong bullmarket. Should gold fall below the $1,265 and $1,180 support levels, a strong sell-signal is generated.

No matter if the gold price starts a new uptrend soon or continues its yearlong descent dramatically, we believe to have found a vehicle that has best potential to master both scenarios in an unparalleled fashion:

Link to live chart (15 min. delayed):

Our research report on Zimtu Capital Corp. (TSX.V: ZC; Frankfurt: ZCT1) shows that this Canadian prospect-generator holds a compellingly well-diversified investment portfolio of equities with focus on numerous different commodity classes, some of which already managed to decouple from the gold price dominance and are poised to take off – independent of where gold may trend to.

The analysis takes 4 core holdings under the microscope. The conclusion: those 4 commodity equities, of which Zimtu owns some 25 million shares, are increasing in share price since quite some time and have best potential to further appreciate during the upcoming weeks. As Zimtu also owns some 8 million warrants, Zimtu would profit from the 4 share price appreciations above average.

As per the analysis, an investment into Zimtu is expected to be more profitable than directly investing into those 4 stocks, also because Zimtu owns some more 40 million shares and 10 million warrants of more than 40 publicly listed companies active in a wide variety of commodity classes (not to speak of another 10 million shares of private companies on their way getting public).

The current top-6 holdings are advanced exploration and development companies active in 5 different commodity markets: diamonds, zinc, uranium, potash, and strategic metals respectively rare earth elements (REEs). Independent of where the gold price may head to, we are bullish for all these 5 commodities as their respective prices either have formed a bottom recently or a new upward-trend has started already, according to our perception. Thus, Zimtu is well positioned to profit handsomely from an underlying commodity price appreciation along with material corporate developments in the foreseeable future.

The full research report with the title "Gold? Go Zimtu!" can be downloaded as a PDF via the following links:



Dipl. Kfm. Stephan Bogner hold shares of Arctic Star Exploration Corp., Prima Diamonds Corp., Pasinex Resources Ltd., Lakeland Resources Inc. and Zimtu Capital Corp., hence he would profit from appreciations in share prices, whereas he could also sell anytime. Please read the full disclaimer within the above mentioned research report and/or on, as a conflict of interest exists as the author is a paid consultant to Zimtu Capital Corp., which company would also benefit from appreciations in share prices as it holds investments in those featured companies. None of the above is to be construed as an "investment advice" and there is no guarantee that the content is correct or that projections will materialize.  

SOURCE: Zimtu Capital Corp.