New Hyper-Evolution Fossil Now on Display

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New Hyper-Evolution Fossil Now on Display

San Jose, CA / ACCESSWIRE / August 7, 2014 / announced it has added a new Hyper-Evolution fossil to its free online museum.

The fossil has been named "Bird-Squito" and is a Permian life form that tells part of the story of how life transitioned from unicellular to multicellular life. Bird-Squito has a head similar to that of a bird, a fish like tail at the end, and a central body that is something in-between a mosquito and a bird.

The Permian period was rocked by extinction pulses, each followed by a recovery pulse that introduced new life forms. The Permian period is commonly called "The Great Dying" but it should be called "The Great Rebirth" according to Mark Zamoyski, the website's curator.

"Some of the new life forms spawned during this period look like stuff right out of a Hollywood Sci-Fi movie. However, unlike the science nonsense presented in most Sci-Fi movies, a subset of these fossils tell the story of how this actually happened."

"Evolution by selective advantage can explain subtle changes in life forms over time, but it cannot explain the abrupt appearance of completely new life forms that have no antecedent lineage. That is the subject matter the web site deals with."


Contact: Mark Zamoyski, [email protected], 408-365-7607