Git-R-Done-Energy to Headline ASD Trade Show as Breakout Healthy Energy Drink - Git-R-Done-Energy featuring Larry The Cable Guy

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Git-R-Done-Energy to Headline ASD Trade Show as Breakout Healthy Energy Drink - Git-R-Done-Energy featuring Larry The Cable Guy

Healthy Energy Shots with Larry The Cable Guy New Alternitive to Caffine in C-Stores 

DENVER, CO / ACCESSWIRE / August 4, 2014 / Hangover Joe's Holding Corporation (OTCQB: HJOE), the maker of "The Hangover" Recovery Shot and developers, along with Git-R-Done Productions, Inc. of Larry the Cable Guy, of the innovative and proprietary Git-R-Done-Energy Shot are participating in the ASD Trade Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, from August 3rd through August 6th 2014. "The ASD Trade Show in Las Vegas is perfect for us because it has scheduled 45,000 Buyers representing venues from department stores to convenience stores, from college book stores to general stores, from grocery store distributors to boutique stores, and other potential outlets for our Git-R-Done healthy energy shot.   It is a perfect selling opportunity for Hangover Joes because the ASD Trade Show in Las Vegas is the largest and most comprehensive trade show of its kind. The four day event will allow Hangover Joes to acquaint some of the Nation’s biggest stores who have buyers from all over the world with Git-R-Done Energy Shot and Hangover Joe’s Recovery Shot.  Hangover Joe's and Git-R-Done Productions (Larry the Cable Guy) will be featuring their new state of the art healthy energy shot Git-R-Done Energy Shot, and we are the headliner in the category of healthy energy drinks," said Matt Veal, CEO for Hangover Joe's.

Look for Hangover Joe’s West Coast sales team, based out of Las Vegas and California working the Hangover Joes booth. "We are excited to already have appointments set with buyers, and since our launch of Git-R-Done-Energy Shot beverage buyers have been moving toward our brand because the Git-R-Done Energy Shot tastes good and has the best name and branding for an energy shot with Larry The Cable Guy’s image on the bottle. Furthermore, Git-R-Done Energy Shot is all natural, with no sugar or caffeine, getting the energy boost from the key ingredient of Astaxanthin." Continues Matt Veal.

Git-R-Done Energy is the first energy drink of its type on the market to be powered with Astaxanthin in combination with D-Ribose, which acts in the body like a natural sugar. Astaxanthin, the world's most powerful antioxidant, helps increase energy by protecting mitochondria, which turns food into energy. Astaxanthin is 550 times stronger than Vitamin E, and 6,000 times stronger than Vitamin C. Astaxanthin is a red pigment that originally comes from algae and is found naturally in various marine animals, including shrimp, salmon, crabs and lobster. This antioxidant gives salmon the endurance needed to swim upstream. It helps to increase strength, stamina, and endurance by removing free radicals from muscle tissue, and lessening soreness, and helping the body rebound from the stress of exercise and labor.

Additionally, Ribose is used to improve performance when exercising by boosting muscle energy. Ribose has also has been used to improve symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome because it creates energy in the body. Overall, we believe the Git-R-Done Energy Shot takes the energy shot in a new direction by combining these benefits with pleasant taste to create something consumers enjoy while getting the extra "Git-R-Done" they need sometimes in their daily lives. The product comes in the flavor of Berry Blast (registered trademark) uses the natural sweetener, Stevia, which has gained national attention as an all-natural alternative to sugar. Having used only the best all-natural ingredients, Hangover Joes along with Larry the Cable Guy and his Git-R-Done Productions, Inc. are both proud to have created a great tasting energy drink that is both effective and healthy for consumers.

We look forward to having success at the ASD Trade Show and to passing out samples to buyers. Look for Hangover Joes Hangover Recovery Shot, which is the Nation’s only morning after hangover recovery drink, for which we have had a lot of international interest, and look for Git-R-Done Energy Shot which will give you energy to enjoy all four days at the ASD Trade Show. We hope to see everyone at the show.

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