EraStar Medical, Inc. Appoints Landon Feazell as Chief Innovations Officer

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EraStar Medical, Inc. Appoints Landon Feazell as Chief Innovations Officer

LAS VEGAS, NV / ACCESSWIRE / AUGUST 1, 2014 / EraStar Medical, Inc., (EMI) a subsidiary of EraStar, Inc., is pleased to announce that Landon Feazell has joined EMI as a Founder and Chief Innovations Officer.

Landon Feazell is recognized for his leadership, innovation, and expertise in clinical performance and outcomes measurement. He is also responsible for developing technology on the best strategic technology platform for healthcare analytics and big data. His innovative systems have transformed manual processes through information technology with extensive, optimal evidence-based clinical content to translate data into clinical knowledge solutions. Mr. Feazell’s extensive publications in 2003 are considered sentinel in the "quality-value proposition," signaling value-driven changes in healthcare delivery and payment models for all constituents in the digital transformation of health and health care.

"I am honored to join the dynamic, talented and diverse EMI team," said Mr. Feazell. Their announced intention to merge with Cytta Corp (OTCQB-CYCA) will provide the connectivity tools essential to implement dramatic changes in healthcare delivery and payment models. Combined with the technology of EMI’s breakthrough license acquired from Quture, Inc., the common data platform and analytics tools for providers, engaged patients and payers will collectively drive significant revenues to EMI / Cytta. 

By capturing real-time patient data with Cytta’s remote monitoring systems integrated into the EraStar license for the Quture strategic data platform, physicians and patients across the globe are empowered with point-of-care health and wellness information. This connectivity and analytics platform provides predictive and intelligent clinical knowledge across the spectrum of individualized health and wellness care. For physicians, payers and patients, it is the technology necessary for value-based payment systems. 

Mr. Feazell further stated, "Having worked in healthcare quality, proactive patient safety, and the transition to electronic medical records and engineering data aggregation from disparate databases for analytics and clinical knowledge solutions throughout my professional career, it was easy to recognize the synergies between EMI and my other corporate endeavors. I am excited to accept the challenges to be EMI’s Chief Innovations Officer." 

For over 40 years, Mr. Feazell’s companies have developed and implemented clinical knowledge solutions in hundreds of hospitals and systems, HMO’s, physician groups and practices, for governmental agencies, and insurance companies. His extensive knowledge of the health and healthcare market, his strategic alliances and professional relationships, as well as his expertise in transforming data to clinical knowledge solutions are among the valuable assets he brings to EMI. 

Mr. Feazell’s undergraduate degree is from Duke University, and his graduate studies in medical sciences was at the University of West Virginia Medical Center and then law at the University of Denver, College of Law, where he served as Chairman of the National Conference of Law Reviews. Mr. Feazell will continue in his leadership positions with Quture International, Inc. and Quture, Inc. The synergies with the common data platform and corporate strategies will benefit EMI and Quture exponentially.

Vanessa Luna, EraStar, Inc. COO stated, "Mr. Feazell’s accomplishments and experience are central to the vision and business strategies of EMI. As Chief Innovations Officer, he will lead the combined efforts of Cytta’s tools, pending merger, with his technology solutions and analytics platform. We look forward to collaboration with Mr. Feazell, as EMI becomes an incubator for health and healthcare products through integration of knowledge from big data into the emerging digital health market. His insight and leadership strategically positions EMI to become a leading force in the rapidly changing health and healthcare markets. His technology solutions for will prove instrumental to our continued success."

As previously announced on Wednesday July 9, 2014 Cytta Corp. (OTCQB:CYCA) announced that it has entered into a Letter of Intent with EraStar, Inc., a Las Vegas based marketing business, to merge the two Companies. (

About EraStar, Inc.

EraStar, Inc. is a dynamic Las Vegas based marketing business that offers the following services: Comprehensive Marketing Strategies for Public and Private Institutions, Public Relations and Media Activities, Product Marketing, Support Services, Business Development Consulting, and Lead Generation. EraStar currently provides services to variety of clients in a number of industries nationwide.

About EraStar Medical, Inc.

EraStar Medical Inc. (EMI) is a sub division; Nevada Corporation of EraStar Inc. a dynamic Las Vegas based marketing business. EraStar Medical Inc. creates a structure within its parent company that allows management to apply their advisory services and med-tech acquisitions specifically in the booming med-tech sector. EMI’s connectivity and analytics platform provides predictive and intelligent clinical knowledge across the spectrum of individualized health and wellness care. EraStar Medical seeks to provide cost efficient technical strategies that will create superior healthcare outcomes for physicians and patients globally. 

About Cytta Corp.

Cytta Corp. is an open source remote monitoring ubiquitous connectivity platform known for its highly scalable and secure Healthcare telehealth solutions. In addition to the Doctor Direct program, we are now offering the Cytta Connect technology to the Oil & Gas industry that will make available our remote data capture highway that connects monitoring devices seamlessly to a cloud-based data repository. Our remote data capture system works over our Special Purpose Network utilizing 4G LTE AT&T domestic and international SIMS, a proprietary smartphone based, Mobile, Satellite, and WiFi open source platform, and cloud-based data repository. The CyttaConnect technology automatically connects all remote monitoring devices to Cytta's cloud-based data repository creating real time communication for the Healthcare/Telehealth and Oil & Gas industries.

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