Reverse Macular Degeneration With Minerals! Updated Report

John Crittenden


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Reverse Macular Degeneration With Minerals! Updated Report

Burnaby, BC, Canada / ACCESSWIRE / July 31, 2014 / After his Ophthalmologist told him he was permanently blind in his right eye from macular degeneration and that the disease had started in his other eye, Canadian artist John Crittenden refused to accept the diagnosis and developed his own naturopathic protocol to regain his sight. After eleven weeks John's vision has improved from 20/400 blindness to 20/50 vision and counting. He is back at work and wants to tell others that they, too, can do what he did.

A major update to his Report,"Reverse Macular Degeneration With Minerals!", is now available. Among many others he has included his Optometrist's vision tests before, during and after he reversed macular degeneration, an FAQ page and his thoughts on why his protocol has worked so well and so quickly.

Top Ophthalmologists, Medical Doctors and Researchers Agree

"The lack of minerals is the root of all disease." - Dr. Gary Price Todd, Ophthalmologist, M.D.

"In the absence of minerals, vitamins have no function. Lacking vitamins, the system can make use of the minerals, but lacking minerals vitamins are useless." - Dr. Charles Northern, Researcher, M.D.

"When I'm treating a patient who has a loss of vision due to Macular Degeneration I really have to treat the whole body and the eyes come along for the ride. It's not a matter of treating just the eye for Macular Degeneration, it's a matter of treating the whole person and restoring health to the whole person, because until you do their eyes are not going to get well." - Dr. Jerry Tennant, Ophthalmologist, MD, MD(H), PScD, Ophthalmic Plastic Surgeon

More Than Just a Protocol for Reversing Macular Degeneration

"The unexpected improvements to my health, which are listed in the Abstract at the front of the Report, total fourteen. All of these involved different kinds of cells, yet my protocol was able to address each condition. In my opinion this supports the science of Dr. Tennant. My protocol seems to have set the stage for body-wide regeneration of, in the words of Dr Tennant, 'new cells that work'. Dr. Tennant says that all chronic disease is caused by the body's inability to make new cells that work. My protocol seems to address that inability."

John is Calling for a Scientific Study Into His Protocol & the Science Behind it.

"People are going blind and this needs to be looked into. I am attempting to make this Report available world-wide as much as I can afford. Please download this latest update and tell everyone you think might benefit from it. I will have more on my attempts to get a Study funded soon."

Read an earlier news release about John's fight to regain his sight here.

Download John's updated Report here.


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SOURCE: John Crittenden