CallerSmart Emerges From Stealth With Over 85,000 Active Users

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CallerSmart Emerges From Stealth With Over 85,000 Active Users

Former Executive's New Company Aims To Solve The iPhone's Caller ID Problem By Gamifying The U.S. Phone Book


Vancouver, B.C. / ACCESSWIRE / July 31, 2014 / CallerSmart, a revolutionary free caller ID app which offers an up-to-date, digital phone book for the iPhone, is officially emerging from stealth. While in stealth mode, CallerSmart amassed an impressive 85,000+ active users. By combining some of the best features of Wikipedia, LinkedIn, Waze, and Yelp along with an educational game element, this exciting new app brings a community-based caller ID solution to iPhone owners in the U.S. that’s actually fun to use.

“People with iPhones clearly want this” company representative Danielle Gasbarro said, “We’ve purposely avoided promoting CallerSmart until now and still we’ve gotten tens of thousands of users. Every day new people are discovering our app and then sharing it with their friends.”

CallerSmart is a godsend for those who get contacted by numbers they don’t recognize as well as those who receive unwanted calls or texts – a seemingly non-stop problem as more phone scams emerge weekly and telemarketers simply ignore the FTC’s ‘Do Not Call’ list.

Users start by looking up the owner of a number via an ever-expanding database of approximately 100 million U.S. phone numbers. The app’s easy-to-use interface identifies the owner’s name, whether the number is a residential land-line, business, toll-free, or cell phone, and the registered location of the number. Plus, the app indicates whether or not the number is a spammer, based on feedback from other users.

Once identified, users can call or text the number back, add it to their contacts, or leave useful feedback on it for others via an ingenious tag system – all from directly inside the app. If no owner for the number was found, users can also update the phone book listing with the proper owner’s information to help others identify this number in the future.

To keep the phone book up-to-date, CallerSmart developed an exciting game system to reward those who decide to help out others. Users that make useful contributions about calls or texts they have received, or those who contribute missing owner information, get rewarded with increased Caller I.Q. points, improved rank, new Smart Badges, and free prizes provided by Kiip.

“Like Wikipedia, we reward our power users because they actively keep our phone book useful for all,” said Gasbarro. “Similar to Waze, CallerSmart users compete with one another to unlock clever Smart Badges as they contribute more.” CallerSmart users also actively manage each other’s contributions to ensure they’re useful and accurate; users can lose their Caller I.Q. points and Smart Badges if others vote their contributions down.

In addition, users have the option to claim their own phone number in order to control how their listing appears in the community phone book as well as an option to get notified when others run a reverse look up on their number.

“One of LinkedIn’s most popular features is the ability to see who has been viewing your profile,” Gasbarro shared.

“CallerSmart does the same for your phone number. You can edit and correct your own information in our phone book to make sure it’s accurate. Plus, you can see who has been researching your number, or who left public feedback about a call or text they received from you. It’s reputation management for your phone number and it’s popular: Over 55% of our users claim their own number.”

Even though the app is free, users do have the ability to pay inside the app to do deeper searches on the owners of unlisted phone numbers. Users have the option to receive a Premium Report through an in-app purchase when free results don’t provide sufficient information. Through the in-app purchase, users tap into higher-powered paid data sources to uncover all of the information available about the owner of a particular phone number.

Founded by former executive Brian Crane, CallerSmart is a worldwide effort by a talented team of engineers and designers who hail from multiple countries across 3 different continents. The team has recently released a short explainer video on the company’s website to introduce CallerSmart to new users. For those who want to skip the video and download the latest version of the app straightaway, it’s available from Apple on the U.S. iTunes App Store.

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