Stevia First Corp. - "Is Stevia Better than Puma's Neratinib? A Tale of Two Strategies"

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Stevia First Corp. - "Is Stevia Better than Puma's Neratinib? A Tale of Two Strategies"

New York, NY / July 30, 2014 / Stevia First Corp. (OTCBB: STVF) today published a new blog post on The Chairman's Blog, written by the Company's CEO, Robert Brooke. is an exclusive online media publication that enables key executive officers a unique platform to share insights about their company and industry trends.

Mr. Brooke discusses the unique nature of the biotechnology industry today. He examines the opportunities that exist across the industry for companies addressing markets in which they are able to fill a clear need. Mr. Brooke compares the strategies utilized by Puma Biotechnology and Stevia First, noting the need for innovation in each of their respective markets. Highlighting the growing epidemic of type 2 diabetes worldwide, Mr. Brooke comments on the need for sugar substitutes such as stevia, writing, "The benefit to public health is hard to overstate when you consider that type 2 diabetes may reduce life expectancy by up to 10 years." Read the full blog post on (  

About Stevia First Corp.

Stevia First Corp. is an agricultural biotechnology company that has developed expertise for the production of stevia using fermentation and for improvement of traditional stevia farming and processing methods. The Company is also applying breakthrough technologies in software and the life sciences to develop product applications beyond stevia and the food and beverage industry. For more information visit:

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SOURCE: The Chairmans Blog