Lucid Creators Proudly Launches Terracotta Eco Friendly Jewelry Project on Kickstarter

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Lucid Creators Proudly Launches Terracotta Eco Friendly Jewelry Project on Kickstarter

LITTLE ROCK, AR / ACCESSWIRE / July 29, 2014 / Created by talented artisans; the new line of jewelry from Lucid Creators offer a whole new meaning to style, affordability and eco-friendly fashion on Kickstarter. 

Lucid Creators has accepted the call to eco friendly jewelry. The emerging company has released its new product line, Terracotta, and is seeking support on Kickstarter. 

"Made from 100% green material and made from the five elements of nature; Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Sky." said Raphaella of Lucid Creators. "Each piece undergoes a five step process that is crafted just for you." 

According to Lucid Creators, "The Terracotta pendants, earrings and bracelets are made from the naturally reddish or brownish earthen clay that are also used to create pots and handicrafts."

Standing out among conventional jewelry products and accessories, they have been 100% handcrafted without any trace of harmful material or chemical. 

"Lucid means 'easy to understand'; the literary meaning is bright or luminous," Mamatha Adicherla of Lucid Creators explained. "Our designs speak the same. We use simple concepts, and mix them with nature's content and resources to turn them into beautiful, elegant eco-friendly designs." 

The Terracotta eco friendly jewelry line does not contain precious stones but are carved with the utmost care by dedicated artisans who hand-paint each item to create a striking, elegant blend of the fine colors of passion and myriad tones. The 5 elements of nature and the 7 elements of design are brought together to bring life to the jewelry: color, line, shape, form, texture, value, and space. 

Developed with all types of customers in mind, the accessories designed to match contemporary casual wear are also inexpensive. 

For the project to be fully realized, the Arkansas-based team of Terracotta designers aims to raise $3,000 via Kickstarter. The campaign is currently underway and ends August 28th, 2014. Now with 35 backers, they have reached nearly the halfway point of their goal. 

"Help us make the stylish, affordable, and above all environmental friendly accessories bring a new statement to your fashion," said Adicherla, emphasizing that the amount raised will go to the artisans, the raw materials, and the transaction charges including shipping and handling. 

To find out more about the Terracotta line of jewelry and fashionable accessories, please visit their Kickstarter project for further information.

About Lucid Creators 

Lucid Creators is a team of jewelry creators behind Terracotta, a collection of jewelry that is trendy, affordable and environmental friendly. Based in Little Rock, Arkansas, the company introduces the project through Kickstarter.


SOURCE: Lucid Creators