New Algorithmic Tool Will Revolutionize Entries and Exits in any Financial Market

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New Algorithmic Tool Will Revolutionize Entries and Exits in any Financial Market

Windsor, ON, Canada / ACCESSWIRE / July 28, 2014 / Individual investors and investment managers looking to increase their returns have a new algorithmic charting tool at their disposal. The tool, offered by Sublimety, is based on an algorithmic formula that charts daily, weekly and monthly prices to pinpoint the best times to buy and sell. Creator Clifford Rosen says that is this is a crucial factor for most investors, especially those who rely solely on fundamental analysis.

Rosen describes Sublimety as a tool that can be used either on its own or as a tool to supplement fundamental analysis. Fundamental analysis, used by the majority of advisors and investors, looks at the underlying financial health and various other metrics to predict a stock or other instrument's potential value. "There is usually little doubt that the vast majority of the fundamental research of analysts and investment advisors is of exceptionally high standard," said Rosen. "Their reasoning and the metrics they rely on are usually solid and verifiable. But the majority of the time they ignore the 3rd dimension of the analysis which is the precise timing of entries and exits which can have a significant impact on individual stocks as well as overall portfolio performance."

"We have significant data that shows how detrimental it can be to solely rely on pure fundamental analysis when buying or selling stocks", he said. "This is especially true when it comes to value investing - some stocks can stay in a "great value" position for months or years without realizing their true underlying potential. Our system would not allow investors to keep their funds tied up in instruments that are not showing any movement in the desired direction".

Sublimety focuses on price movement  to identify when a given stock, bond, future or currency is showing increased or decreased velocity, acceleration and power. Data is presented in simple to read charting format with the midline colored either green or blue, with green representing an increase and blue representing a decrease in price.

The charts not only indicate pricing direction, but also velocity and the strength of the trend. "Combining these factors gives a much better representation of how the instrument is performing," Rosen said. "That's how you can best pinpoint the correct time to enter or exit any market investment."

Rosen explained that, although the underlying algorithm has some complicated computations, the resulting charts are easy to understand and interpret. "Because it takes a lot of the confusion and reliance on complicated factors out of the equation, it is very suitable for self-directed investors, . They are able to easily track how their chosen instruments are performing and have performed historically."

The objective of the system is to be an investors silent partner and adviser when either emotional or market forces start to influence any investment ."We don't simply just pinpoint exact entries into possible investments, but the system also protects profits once the up move terminates", he continued. "This is one of the most difficult decisions for both self-directed investors as well as investment advisors to determine - when to book profits which is the other vital cog to successful investing. We don't give subjective opinions but  concrete objective, easy to see evidence that indicates it is time to exit".

Investors wanting to take more control of their investments or who would like to manage their investments in conjunction with their advisors do not need to become financial gurus or technical analysts anymore. Rosen believes smaller investors deserve quality tools in order to compete with the various types of large funds and investment banks. "For too long, the playing field has been stacked against the small investor. We are hoping to change that" he said.

For those who wish to explore further,  including a system explanation and see the system in action for themselves with a free trial (no credit card required), they can visit the company's website at Several plans are available, from a per-use plan to a plan designed for advisors who manage multiple portfolios.

About Sublimety

Sublimety offers a new, proprietary investment tool based on physics principles. It identifies not only if something should be bought or sold, but the best time and price to buy and sell in order to maximize investment profits. The tool is easy to use, and has been proven to work.


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