Top Shelf Brands Holdings (TEMN) Innovates with Sales and Marketing Strategy

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Top Shelf Brands Holdings (TEMN) Innovates with Sales and Marketing Strategy

TEMN:OTC.PK intent on competing with big players in the industry such as Diageo plc (DEO)-NYSE, Anheuser-Busch (BUD)-NYSE,Constellation Brands Inc.(STZ)-NYSE

Boca Raton, FL / ACCESSWIRE / July 28, 2014 / The financial sector is lined with more competitors than ever looking to claim the largest slice of pie in their respective marketplaces. Traditional sales tactics and advertising techniques like TV commercials, print media, and big-budget sponsored events have been rendered obsolete in a world filled with increasingly tech-savvy, brand-conscious consumers. As an up-and-coming contender in the 21st Century wine and spirits industry, Top Shelf Brands Holdings, Inc. (TEMN) recognizes that marketing its stylish brand requires innovative new techniques, as the wine and spirits consumer in 2014 makes cutting edge decisions informed by the most up-to-date cultural and technological trends.

Investors seeking to own into an affordable wine and spirits company trending in the right direction can own TEMN shares with some modest capital for under a penny a share. With a market cap of 3.75 million, room for upside seems apparent, especially given the recent upswing in activity and acquisitions by the Company, in addition to its clear status as a luxury brand that lays claim to widespread label recognition across multiple cultures and channels.

Top Shelf has devised a unique marketing strategy that is based around current industry trends and is tailor-made for a young wine and spirits outfit looking to build both its brand and reputation. Top Shelf projects that in the next few years, it will own and distribute six nationally recognized brands across the categories of champagne, tequila, and bourbon. That number could even be expanded up to 10 depending on the realization of sales projections. In order to advance the sale and distribution of these products, Top Shelf’s strategy is two-fold, utilizing a “Key Market Approach” along with “Product Integration,” to ensure Top Shelf inserts the appropriate products from its catalog into the most fertile marketplaces in the country.

Top Shelf has identified six markets with key cities - Miami, New York, L.A., Chicago, San Francisco, and others, which comprise 60% of premium wine and spirits sales in the United States. Through in-depth research analysis used to identify and track online trends, bulk orders, and brick and mortar sales figures, Top Shelf has determined which of its several luxury liquors and drinks to promote, highlight, and sell in each region, so as to maximize sales revenue while minimizing shipping costs and losses from unsold product.

Using these techniques, Top Shelf will rely on alternative advertising, product placement initiatives, and viral videos across multiple technological channels like social networking sites, YouTube, and even its own highly interactive website, which recently received a redesign meant to reflect the chic style of Top Shelf’s brands.

Top Shelf intends on building its reputation through its licensed imports, which include high-end alcoholic beverages like Besado Tequila and Dziaq liquer, a drink that has impressed jetsetters in the Miami Beach scene. In addition to its stylish brands, Top Shelf’s products capitalize on the growing environmentalist markets by incorporating high-quality natural ingredients, all while served in sleek, picturesque bottles frequently made of eco-friendly materials. Given these brand attributes and the Company’s target marketplaces, it goes without saying that Top Shelf illustrates massive appeal for the all-important 21 to 35 year old demographic, which the company’s viral marketing techniques aim to strike a chord with.

Top Shelf continues to acquire name brands while integrating those brands into the most ideal marketplaces and reaching an even wider customer base through its online channels. The Company has been more active than ever in the last two quarters, as it is clearly taking aim at its competitors like Constellation Brands, Inc. (STZ)-NYSE and Diageo plc (DEO)-NYSE.

Top Shelf Brands Holdings, Inc. combines innovative marketing with some of the most unique products their industry has yet seen. The Company’s dedication to product integration throughout key markets is a particularly sound business practice, revealing the foresight and experience of its leadership team as well as Top Shelf‘s overall sustainability. Investors should feel confident in a commitment to Top Shelf Brands Holdings, Inc. as their entryway into the proven, dependable wine and spirits industry.

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