EraStar, Inc. Subsidiary EraStar Medical, Inc. Acquires Multi-Dimensional Clinical Intelligence Database Technology License

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EraStar, Inc. Subsidiary EraStar Medical, Inc. Acquires Multi-Dimensional Clinical Intelligence Database Technology License

LAS VEGAS, NV , United States / ACCESSWIRE / July 24, 2014 / EraStar, Inc., is pleased to announce that its subsidiary, EraStar Medical, Inc. has acquired a breakthrough multi-dimensional clinical intelligence database technology license.

The first product is a license from Quture Inc. Quture owns a common data platform that integrates health and health care data, into a unified database programmed in theInterSystems Cache™ multi-dimensional database technology, with functionality capable of integrating individualized data from peripheral device technology with the EBR cloud engine.  Data from the device technology can be integrated into the Quture common data platform using the Ensemble™ interface engine and integrated into a unified clinical intelligence system with individualized risk factors, outcomes data of Qutures clinical data and content.

The Quture software license to the common data platform includes technology to design, develop, and commercialize a product designated to impose analytics using big data methodologies and tools of Quture including: the InterSystems DeepSee™ analytics tool, natural language processing, machine reading with learning systems tools unique to Quture and potentially in combination with InterSystems iKnow™ technology to benefit future customers of the Company.

Our licensing partner Quture (“Q”) connects all customer segments in the global health and health care community to clinical, operational and financial data.  Q empowerscustomers to transform their processes and outcomes through analytics into knowledge based on outcome analytics.  The goal for our customers is to achieve data-driven decisions to improve health and health care while reducing costs.  Q empowers all stakeholders in health and health care to transform their system, with technology solutionsfor the following:

-    Patients to engage in their care – and their health, fitness and wellness

-    Providers to strategically position in the transformation of the medical model. With more engaged patients, with digital technologies, and through commitment to becoming true “learning organizations” with optimal outcomes for real-time actionable insight

-    Payers to pay for value, understanding the strategic imperative by changing the perverse payment system

-    Insurers who want to minimize risk of valid claims and insure provider organizations are committed to patient safety

   Medical device and pharmaceutical companies who want to ensure that the products are optimally used by competent experts

-    Consulting groups who advise these constituencies for these types of technology and knowledge solutions 

Analytics are now possible for rapid transformation of health care and patient-centered, personalized/individualized health because Q solves the five (5) missing essential elements of having clinical data, which Q calls the “Missing 5”. Q develops for its customers the Common Data Platform with it second-generation database, called “Qualytx”, with the world’s most powerful strategic technology platform of its Application Partner InterSystems Corporation, Cambridge, MA ( Foundation.  Q embeds its proprietary and open source clinical content for both “big data” and “strategic data” analytics, relying upon the intellectual property of Q’s algorithms and clinical data science. Q’s expertise in quality science and performance and outcomes measurement to achieve these results is fundamental to meet the digital transformation of medicine. Q is not just an analytics company, but the company that harnesses the power of existing data to convert data to knowledge. 

The primary products under license are the QualOptima Clinical Intelligence System Versions 1.7 and 2.0. The initial version of the QualOptima clinical intelligence system focuses on the core competence of Q historically, to measure clinical performance and patient outcomes integrated with single case drill-down functionality with peer review. The technology implements the InterSystems Ensemble interface engine to electronically capture, integrate and aggregate existing clinical data from disparate databases in the second-generation database called Qualytx developed in the InterSystems Cache multi-dimensional technology.  Q algorithms for analytics use the InterSystems DeepSeetechnology, supplemented with data display, dashboards and the Zen report writer. Version 2.0 is a common data platform that implements the technology connectivity and analytics platform that enables the short and long-term strategic innovations planned by EraStar Medical.

The Joint Commission Standards for Focused and Ongoing Professional Practice Evaluation (FPPE-OPPE) require measuring clinical performance and outcomes for every “practitioner” in the organization.  Compliance with these Standards is vital to receiving and maintaining “accreditation” to received federal reimbursement for care.  There are three (3) specific tools required to be used for FPPE-OPPE compliance: Clinical performance measurement in the ACGME framework for each practitioner and for each clinical privilege granted is reviewed at least twice per year; Triggers indicating the need for performance monitoring from single incidents or evidence of a clinical practice trend, coordinated with performance criteria; and Proctoring to evaluate current clinical competence to grant new privileges to practitionersThe QualOptima clinical intelligence data platform is designed to span and engage operational functions across the boundaries of quality and risk management, medical staff coordinators, and the organized Medical Staff.  These functions have tended to act almost independently in the past, with software in their respective operational silos.  

QualOptima creates a common database from existing data collected electronically for each of these three (3) required functions.  Peer review, which has been the traditional tool of quality management, remains anticipated by the FPPE-OPPE Standards but as a tool and not a regulated standard.  QualOptima integrates the processes of measuring clinical performance from aggregated data with Q’s analytics for pattern and trend evaluation while integrating peer review for single case drill-down, to assess perceptions from aggregate data and root causes for solutions.  As anticipated by the Joint Commission FPPE-OPPE Standards, QualOptima functionality permits remote peer review, both to facilitate local reviews and external peer review.

As previously announced on Wednesday July 9, 2014 Cytta Corp. (OTCQB: CYCA) announced that it has entered into a Letter of Intent with EraStar, Inc., a Las Vegas based marketing business, to merge the two Companies.

About EraStar, Inc.

EraStar, Inc. is a dynamic Las Vegas based marketing business that offers the following services: Comprehensive Marketing Strategies for Public and Private Institutions, Public Relations and Media Activities, Product Marketing, Support Services, Business Development Consulting, and Lead Generation. EraStar currently provides services to variety of clients in a number of industries nationwide. 

About Cytta Corp.

Cytta Corp. is an open source remote monitoring ubiquitous connectivity platform known for its highly scalable and secure Healthcare telehealth solutions. In addition to the Doctor Direct program, we are now offering the Cytta Connect technology to the Oil & Gas industry that will make available our remote data capture highway that connects monitoring devices seamlessly to a cloud-based data repository. Our remote data capture system works over our Special Purpose Network utilizing 4G LTE AT&T domestic and international SIMS, a proprietary smartphone based, Mobile, Satellite, and WiFi open source platform, and cloud-based data repository. The CyttaConnecttechnology automatically connects all remote monitoring devices to Cytta's cloud-based data repository creating real time communication for the Healthcare/Telehealth and Oil & Gas industries.

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