UW Foster School of Business Minority Business Executive Program Congratulates Brian Arellanes

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UW Foster School of Business Minority Business Executive Program Congratulates Brian Arellanes

Mr. Arellanes, an Intelligence-Driven Technology firm CEO is a graduate of University of Washington’s Foster School of Business Minority Business Executive Program

San Rafael, CA / ACCESSWIRE / July 24, 2014 / The class of 2014 at University of Washington’s Foster School of Business Minority Business Executive (MBE) Program congratulates Brian Arellanes, one of their recent graduates. Mr. Arellanes is Chairman and CEO of ITSource, a San Rafael based firm that specializes in intelligence-driven technology and business optimization solutions.

In seeing the inequality for minorities trying to gain employment and/or run businesses, Mr. Arellanes has focused on trying to level the playing field by not only continuing to reach new heights in his own business; but also by continuing to educate himself and other minorities.

As a result his company, ITSource, has implemented an interview coaching program that helps ensure that everyone, regardless of their race or national origin, can gain knowledge on best practices to advance their business/career endeavors regardless of the sector they are trying to enter. Mr. Arellanes, who comes from a disadvantaged single parent home with Mexican heritage, mentors other minority business owners by sharing information on how the corporate world operates and uses educational opportunities like the MBE program at UW to continue to refine his own leadership skills.

“The Minority Business Executive Program is an accelerated one-week intensive program that recruits minority and women-owned business leaders from all over the country who are continually improving themselves and we try to help prepare them to tackle current and future business challenges,” says Jennifer Lang, M.Ed., and Director of Executive Education at the UW Foster School of Business.

“This program has been running annually since 2008 and we just graduated 29 incredible participants who completed this program on June 20th. This brings our alumni total to 179 to date,” she adds.

Mr. Arellanes’ educational background and industry experience has given him incredible insight that he uses to help others grow their businesses. He’s a Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Business alum, having completed their Advanced Management Executive Program, and also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in HR and Business Management from California State University in Chico, CA.

Mr. Arellanes accepted an HP Global Supplier Diversity scholarship on behalf of ITSource. Mrs. Nancy Minchillo, Global Supplier Diversity Manager at Hewlett-Packard stated, “HP Global Supplier Diversity is proud to have sponsored our Mentor-Protégé supplier, ITSource, to attend the University of Washington’s Foster School of Business Minority Business Executive Program. Minority supplier development is a critical component of our mission to ensure a supply base that mirrors our customers and employees; global, diverse and inclusive.”

Mr. Fernando Martinez, President and CEO of Northwest Mountain Minority Supplier Development Council (NW MTN MSDC) added; “At the Council, we excel at providing our MBEs with support services and insight into upcoming opportunities; what we can’t provide is executive-level training.”

“Through our partnership with UW and sponsorship from corporations such as HP, we are able to provide our MBEs with a first-class executive education at a top ranked university.”

The University of Washington is well-positioned to offer a program such as this due to its Consulting & Business Development Center. For 20 years, the Center has linked students, faculty, and staff from the UW Foster School of Business with a racially and ethnically diverse business and nonprofit community to expand students’ knowledge and skills, help small businesses grow, create and retain jobs, open educational opportunities for under-represented minority students, and stimulate innovative economic development research.

Mr. Arellanes is a married father who is also a philanthropist, using his time and money to support the California Autism Foundation and many other charities.

About the UW Foster School of Business Minority Business Executive Program:

Executive Education and the Consulting & Business Development Center at the UW Foster School of Business created a strategic partnership with the Northwest Mountain Minority Supplier Development Council (NW MTN MSDC) to launch the Minority Business Executive (MBE) Program, which has been designed to increase the competitiveness of Minority Business Enterprises. The National Minority Supplier Development Council officially partnered with the Foster School to grow this program in 2013. To learn more about this program go to www.foster.washington.edu/mbep.

For more than 30 years, NW MTN MSDC has been an advocate for minority businesses by working with corporations and public agencies that understand the importance of having a diverse supply base that reflects their customers, as well as today's global economy.

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