SEO Expert Brian Hong takes on New Orleans

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SEO Expert Brian Hong takes on New Orleans

New Orleans, LA / ACCESSWIRE / July 23, 2014 / As if Mardi Gras was not already the center of attention for New Orleans, a new upcoming company called Infintech Designs, run by SEO Expert Brian Hong, is making big waves from the bayou when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and web design. With a wide range of offered services from internet marketing to web hosting, Infintech Designs has an award winning team of experts that claim to "exceed the expectations" of their clients.

With millions upon millions of websites on the Internet today, having a website that can communicate effectively to clients and drive up overall traffic is what can make or break any business. Brian Hong and his hard working team of developers promises to not only increase traffic to struggling websites, but also get businesses the best rankings possible on top search engines like Google and Yahoo.

Is SEO really that important?

In the 1990's when the World Wide Web started to grow exponentially, search engines were the only way users could obtain information. From there search engines began to classify, organize, and rank website's information. As more searching tools and algorithms were developed, the more important a website's ranking on search engines became. As a new niche within web development, SEO has evolved into the single most efficient and effective way to make a website profitable.

Because SEO makes up a large portion of internet marketing, its first and foremost goal is to obtain high search engine rankings. In order to increase a business's rankings, search engines are looking for four main components in website content. They are: content, SEO performance, authority, and user experience. With approximately 20 billion searches that are conducted on a monthly basis by consumers, and approximately 600 changes to SEO marketing this year, having an SEO specialist help propel those rankings is crucial to the success of most online businesses.

About Infintech Designs

CEO and founder Brian Hong recognized early in his career that there was a need for small online businesses to improve their search engine rankings through SEO. From that idea alone, Infintech was established in 2009 as a company determined to help small businesses. Their personal motto became, "If you can imagine it, then we can bring it to life on the Internet." Since then, Brian Hong’s company has acquired a reputation of being a first rate service, dedicated to helping businesses thrive on the Internet. From the first consultation, Infintech strives to not only create a website that looks great, but also to integrate "text, logos, graphics, photographs, and database content into a clean and efficient website...for the business needs of [their] clients."

Brian Hong
3110 Magazine St., #120
New Orleans, LA 70115
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SOURCE: Infintech Designs