Attune RTD Pilot Program Celebrates 3 Years with No Failures

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Attune RTD Pilot Program Celebrates 3 Years with No Failures

SAN FRANCISCO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / Attune RTD (OTCQB: AURT), creator of the patented BrioWave(TM) Smart Energy Management Technology is celebrating three years of continuous BrioWave(TM) operational duty in the field, delivering savings and convenience across three states without any reported failures. Attune’s BrioWave(TM) home and pool energy efficiency technology beat the harsh dry extreme temperatures of Arizona and the California Desert, as well as the heat, humidity and winter freeze conditions of Texas.

Attune’s CEO, Ken Miller, said; "We are excited to have had this kind of success with the soft-launch, field-testing of our BrioWave(TM) during a pilot program, without a single reported failure.  The field-testing answered many questions related to savings and reliability. Attune is now entering a new stage and we are extremely confident that the BrioWave™ technology is mature and ready for market." 

Over the past three years, our BrioWave(TM) technology has evolved into a reliable energy conservation platform that is easy to install and is consistently delivering convenience and dollar savings with documented testimonials from several customers. Our BrioWave(TM) technology can deliver consumers "Whole Home" savings of up to 70% and potentially pay for itself in less than one year.  The BrioWave(TM) Smart Energy Management technology is built to prevent consumers from being charged higher energy costs associated with time of use tiered energy rate pricing. BrioWave(TM) devices are built to integrate easily into the smart grid infrastructure to deliver even greater savings by reading energy pricing in real time and delivering energy to consumers when costs are lowest.

During field tests with a large well-known utility provider in the state of Texas, our BrioWave(TM) Smart Energy Management controllers proved to be an effective demand response tool for utility providers. It provides utilities with immediate access to consumer patterns and evens out the demand curve by increasing the minimum load base, thereby: reducing penalties for supply imbalances, improving sourcing efficiency and decreasing energy sourcing costs.

Miller added, "We have already begun to build-out our reseller and distribution channels and Attune will be very visible at Pool and Spa trade shows in 2014 and 2015, beginning at the National show in November, as well as at CleanTech events".

Attune has partnered with Taylor Made Group, a leader in commercials, infomercials, multi-media, social media and Internet marketing, in the development and production of a DVD, as a marketing piece for consumers and an instructional brochure explaining how to utilize the BrioWave(TM) to maximize savings. An installation guide is also included in the DVD for the consumer or Pool Service Professional.

In conjunction with Beacon Global Partners, LLC, (BGP), Miller’s company’s, acquisition of majority-voting control of Attune, Attune’s corporate offices are in the process of being moved to the Silicon Valley. The acquisition referenced in a prior Letter of Intent is still expected to close by or before 1st Quarter of 2015. Once the transaction is closed, BGP will hold at least 51% of the voting securities of Attune. 

BGP expects to begin production by early Fall of 2014 and generate top line revenue for Attune in 2014, contingent on funding.

The BrioWave(TM) technology is built around a platform that is scalable and flexible, and ready to perform other important energy saving duties in the future. 

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