Entia Biosciences: Beauty From Within

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Entia Biosciences: Beauty From Within

Entia Biosciences: Beauty Begins from Within

WHITEFISH, MT / July 22, 2014 / Entia Biosciences Inc. (OTC: ERGO), an authority on the clinical effects of oxidative stress and free radical reactions bringing its expertise to the fields of food science biotechnology and nutrigenomics, recently announced that it was the exclusive lifestyle and wellness category sponsor of the International Battle of the Strands competition that will air on the Discovery Channel in December 2014.

"As an early adopter of the GROH(R) products, I have experience firsthand of the many benefits GROH provides to me, my family, and my guests," said Amy Michleb National Director for Elizabeth Arden’s Red Door Spa’s Hair Department & Host of the 2014 Battle of the Strands Competition. "It helps my hair, skin and nails look their best and keeps my body feeling healthy."

The Battle of the Strands was the first extreme hair, makeup, nails, and wardrobe salon competition and has seen explosive growth over the past three years. The 2014 competition marks the fourth year anniversary of the live competition and the first year on broadcast television. The competition is an intensive multi-month battle, across multiple states where teams compete against each other.

"With our steady growth as a global platform for incredible artistry in beauty and fashion, having a partner like GROH, whose technology has been tested to achieve beauty from within, reinforces our dedication to total beauty," said Battle of the Strands Chairman Mina Lu. "GROH highlights lifestyle and wellness as an integral part of beauty and fashion that every professional has been echoing."

Proven Technology

Entia Biosciences’ technologies have been proven in durable clinical trials to provide real benefits. In a recent study, subjects were instructed to take GROH(R) supplements daily and apply ErgoBoost Treatment to their hair and scalp. The subjects immediately reported softer, shinier, and smoother hair, regardless of baseline conditions, demonstrating an immediate benefit.

After six weeks, the subjects also reported a decrease in hair loss and an increase in thickness and volume. After three months, subjects also reported decreased hair loss (88%), faster hair growth (75%), increased hair thickness (75%), decreased hair breakage (100%), and increased hair volume (93.5%). These results are especially exceptional given the significant response rates seen.

Blood samples were also collected during the study at baseline and after three months to assess levels of vitamin D2 and D-total. Test results showed that the vitamin D2 levels doubled in greater than 85% of patients and all participants had a significant increase in total vitamin D. Additional findings showed improvements in skin appearance, nail strength, nail growth, and even overall energy levels.

A separate study published in the Journal of Cosmetics by Dr. Irena Eris and faculty at the University of Warsaw showed that L-Ergothioneine may protect skin cells against UV-induced damage. The antioxidant was shown to reduce the oxidative stress on mtDNA from ultra-violet radiation by enhancing the level of reduced glutathione to protect against mtDNA "common deletion".

Looking Ahead

Entia Biosciences is unique among many cosmetic companies with its scientifically proven approach to using nutritional components to improve beauty. In a highly competitive market, dominated by companies like Avon Products Inc. (NYSE: AVP) and Revlon Inc. (NYSE: REV), the high quality products have drawn the attention of customers and could catch the eye of a potential acquirer looking for an edge.

The recent partnership with the International Battle of the Strands competition could significantly raise its profile within the beauty industry, particularly given its exposure on the mainstream Discovery Channel. As a result, investors willing to assume the risk of a micro-cap stock may want to take a closer look ahead of the television debut beginning in December of this year.

In addition to its beauty product line, Entia Biosciences is also developing medical foods for the treatment of anemia and neurodegenerative diseases. Management believes that its in-house extraction, enhancement and formulation of food-based nutrients provide a unique margin opportunity while enabling better quality control and timely shipping compared to others outsourcing their products.

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