Rangeline Helps City of Houston Meet Their Water Treatment Challenge With Line Stops

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Rangeline Helps City of Houston Meet Their Water Treatment Challenge With Line Stops

After reviewing detailed plans with the Houston City Engineers, Rangeline devised a plan to isolate sections of their water treatment plant with line stops to enable major upgrades.


West Palm Beach, Florida, USA / ACCESSWIRE / July 22nd, 2014 / Recently, the City of Houston, Texas determined that they needed major upgrades performed on their largest water treatment plant high service pump station. They hired Rangeline, a proven professional line stopping company to upgrade the plant. One major concern for the project was that the plant needed to remain operational during the upgrades.

About the Project
After reviewing the detailed plans with the city engineers, Rangeline devised a plan to isolate sections of the plant with line stops. Their plan was to insert 2 – 48” and 1 – 72” line stops simultaneously while the plant remained in service for their customers. This project was the largest line stopping project that Rangeline has ever performed. While the company has performed many triple line stop projects in the past, these sizes made a new record for the Rangeline team.

Rangeline made three custom weld-on line stop fittings manufactured for 48” and 72” steel pipes. After welding of these fittings occurred, the temporary Isolation valves were installed. From there, the 48” line stops required a pair of 36” hot taps and the 72” line stop needed a 48” hot tap. All three of these hot taps were installed perfectly and the coupons gave the team critical piping information to properly set up the line stop heads.

After the hot taps were completed by the Rangeline team, the line stops were put into position on the isolation valves. These valves were opened and all three of the line stops were inserted with folding heads Line Stoppers. With this project, the city of Houston, Texas was able to modify their piping as well as install a new isolation valve into the system without cutting off supply to their customers.

For more information on Rangeline’s line stopping and valve inserting services, visit their official website at www.rangeline.com.

About the Company:
Rangeline Tapping Services is a Hot and Wet Tapping, Valve Inserting and Line Stopping company that works on high-quality service, small or large projects for various customers across North America. Their staff is professional, licensed and knowledgeable. They perform hot tapping and piping services on daily, long-term or emergency project. No project is too big or small. The Rangeline team only uses the best and latest technology and equipment to get the job done right and as quickly as possible. This allows Rangeline to work across the country on various projects for any type of customer.

Visit  http://www.rangeline.com  for more information.

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