Mina Mar Group (MMG) Merger Update (KNSC)(CSCE)(TMXN)(SIPC)(DIBZ)

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Mina Mar Group (MMG) Merger Update (KNSC)(CSCE)(TMXN)(SIPC)(DIBZ)

Toronto, ON / ACCESSWIRE / July 21, 2014 / Mina Mar Group, Inc. (MMG) (http://www.minamargroup.com/) Further to our news release of July 8 2014, "Mina Mar Group (MMG) LEAD AGENT IN OVER 50 OTC MARKETS SOLD PUBCOS" and as a courtesy to the followers and shareholders of various issuers awaiting merger announcements; we are pleased to provide this general broad update on all aforementioned ticker symbols.

Miro Zecevic, CEO of MMG, commented, "Experienced day traders know where to look for on companies in a merger process, and some have become experts as to how to get a leg up on other retail shareholders. For example they do this by conducting whois on domain names, reverse IP look ups, and sending private messages to officers and directors on social media web sites, dressed up as a suppliers or a future business prospects. As most of the mergers are private companies and not exposed to public markets the officers are easy to hoodwink and can by their ambition and drive foolishly release information that has not been filed or made publicly available.

Some traders frequent Internet chat boards where they are harsh critics of any corporate action the company conducts. They are assisted by these chat boards by these web site owners or webmasters, who delete factual posts as furnished by the issuers on OTC Markets and SEC filings as "off topic" "Terms of service violation" or just banning any factual information from their web sites for other reasons. We have been made aware that some of these chat boards go as far as not permitting the company or any public announcements to be visible on their websites notwithstanding that they have contractual obligations with the news stream companies. Some of these operators were penalized by the SEC and or other authorities; however it is clear that some old habits are hard to break away from. Obviously, all of these actions allow a certain group to unfairly exploit or profit from novice or unsuspecting new incoming followers. Obviously, once the merger announcement is made public they use new and different pseudo’ to talk the company up and in the process liquidate their positions, for a quick profit.

To that end, we are using this opportunity at our own expense to level the playing field by releasing information which we believe these experienced day traders readily obtain and use for their own advantage for short term gains by releasing it to allow everyone the same and equal opportunity."

- KNSC Company in discussions with a profitable transportation company. An energy type company has also shown interest in KNSC. Either of the 2 aforementioned deals would call for the return to treasury of 3,2 billion shares thus creating a substantial share reduction. The new business model would see the Sparx media business diversified and Stoned Pilots sold and a complete new management / directors as the Company completes its transformation. We are advised that the new management are very experienced operators who have run public companies in the past and brought significant valuation’s to their shareholders.

- CSCE has filed a "Super 8k" for all the arrears. OTC Markets has requested that it separate its filings in approximately 17-20 different filings. This is being organized by the company representatives. A cement company is being courted for the merger with ties or contracts with the US military. They or their product were also featured on MSNBC "The Call" http://youtu.be/02x6Pz-0oBU

- DIBZ The sale of preferred shares has completed. The new operators are medical marijuana operators and we have been advised that they intend to proceed in this direction with some very well recognized names in that industry space.

- SIPC Another medical marijuana company. This one with co-branding and cooperation of CinJex and Collagenna intends to offer hand lotion and hand type creams. Some last minute filings and web site work is currently being performed.

- TMXN A beta web site was showcased. The company intends to offer a charter cruise as well and is in negotiations to purchase an existing charter business with a 50 foot Fairline Yacht. In addition, the company is also in the process of securing a Carver 350 Yacht that will offer back and forth service between Spain and the Spanish islands. The boat manufacturing or white label company is a Canadian based company since 2008. They operated under the name China EastRen . A decision was made to go with Trimax Yachts and Trimax Charter and not have so much focus on the "China" name. The reason for minimizing the China name is the long term company plans to bring assembly back in USA or Canada either in Michigan and or Newfoundland and Spain for EU production. (Tax friendly initiative jurisdictions) Financials are currently being compiled on TMXN and will follow with a series of SEC filings to bring TMXN current.

This update is being furnished to the public as a courtesy announcement in the best public interest and no other improper and other use.


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