18-Year-Old Internet Entrepreneur Publishes His 10 Secrets To Success That Everyone Should Read

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18-Year-Old Internet Entrepreneur Publishes His 10 Secrets To Success That Everyone Should Read

The Young Internet Entrepreneur’s 10 Simple Secrets for a Successful Life Help Readers Alter Their Thought Processes and Improve Their Quality of Life


Silicon Valley, CA / ACCESSWIRE / July 21, 2014 / Alex Ferriera, an 18-year-old entrepreneur who believes that anyone can be successful with the right mindset, recently announced launch of his book "10 Secrets to a Happier You: From the Perspective of an 18 year old Internet Entrepreneur." The 17-page motivational book, which can be previewed on Buzzfeed or bought on Amazon.com for 99 cents, teaches readers about success, motivation, and happy mindsets. 

According to Ferriera’s Website, the author firmly believes that the sky is the limit-especially because the 10 pieces of important advice contained in his book helped to shape his mindset into a happier one. In addition to advice, Ferriera’s book also includes links to helpful YouTube videos that can help readers aspire to become a better person and give them the motivation to get what they want.

The book can be useful to anyone who is trying to turn his or her life around by making it a more successful one. Through the book, Ferriera hopes that readers will learn how to be happier in all parts of their lives, become a more successful person, replace negative thoughts, and deal with others. Most importantly, Ferriera wants readers to learn how to motivate themselves and find happiness in everything that they do.

Some of the most popular pieces of advice in the book include tips for confronting and recognizing emotions, pursuing passionate careers, overcoming grudges, and listening to others.

"The average person only has 28,000 days in their lifetime," stated an article on Ferriera’s Amazon page. "About 9,490 of those days are spent asleep. That leaves you just under 20,000 days in your entire life to become the person you want to be—under 20,000 days to experience everything you want to and see everything you want to see."

Individuals interested in learning more about Ferriera and his work can visit the author’s Amazon page or Social Media for additional information. Fans can also connect to the author through Twitter.

About Alex Ferriera:

Alex Ferriera is an 18 year old Internet entrepreneur who is committed to success and the success of others. He has owned numerous websites and businesses as well as launched multiple online products. For more information, please visit http://amzn.to/1nxA7Q0 


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