Power4Patriots Applauds D.C. Universities’ Move to Go Solar

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Power4Patriots Applauds D.C. Universities’ Move to Go Solar

Two Washington, D.C., universities have decided to go solar for more than one-half of their power. Power4Patriots strongly recommends that other universities and colleges follow this example.


Nashville, Tenn., United States / ACCESSWIRE / July 21st, 2014 / Homes, businesses and other organizations in the U.S. continue to pursue solar power as the electrical grid’s vulnerability becomes increasingly apparent. Included among those organizations are two universities in the nation’s capital.

George Washington University, including its hospital, and American University announced that they’ve agreed to a major energy deal that will entail them buying more than one-half of their power from three solar farms to be built in North Carolina

Power4Patriots commends this decision to utilize solar power and encourages other universities and colleges to follow suit in order to take pressure off of an aging electrical grid and increase reliability.

Power4Patriots is a series of videos and manuals describing how to build solar panels, wind turbines, water heaters and solar heaters. The system includes six videos demonstrating how to build a solar panel, including choosing the right materials, finding the right site for the system and avoiding costly mistakes, as well as two instruction manuals with step-by-step, illustrated directions. It also includes four videos and two instruction manuals detailing how to build a wind turbine.

Lower Energy Costs

Company Partner Allen Baler says that installing solar panels and a wind turbine at one’s home will cut energy costs by as much as 75 percent. On average, the costs are under $200 to build a solar panel and under $200 to build a wind turbine. Consumers who purchase already-made solar panels and wind turbines spend three to four times that amount.

The time commitment to build a solar panel ranges from two to four hours, with the first one requiring more time than subsequent panels. A wind turbine requires a handful of hours to build.

Allen Baler says that Power4Patriots was created as a way to allow anyone to become independent of high power bills and outages. Cost-effective and uncomplicated, Power4Patriots teaches people how to build their own, environmentally friendly sources of energy.

Check out this Patriot Headquarters video to learn about the top benefits that a system such as Power4Patriots provides.

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