FitFin: A Novel Approach to Personal Budgeting

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FitFin: A Novel Approach to Personal Budgeting

Highlands Ranch, CO /  / ACCESSWIRE / July 21, 2014 / FitFin is a tool that combines all three phases of the shopping cycle:  Budgeting, building a shopping list, and tracking expenses. 

Budgeting Tool

Users can sign build a budget in about fifteen seconds.  They can build one or several budgets for things like groceries, dining out, clothing, or any discretionary spending.  FitFin is also great for short-term budgets, like vacations and holiday shopping. 

Expense Tracking

Once their budget is set up, users can start tracking expenses toward their budget (s).  They can also take a digital picture of their receipt and attach it to their expense.  FitFin has a highly visual Budgets Overview page, with green, yellow, and red spending bars to give users an at-a-glance view of their spending vs. their budget. 

Shopping Lists

Users can build permanent shopping lists for every store they regularly shop at and keep them all in one place.  As one builds a list, they can enter their own items from the purchase data on their receipts or from items in FitFin's robust database.  They enter the item's name, the quantity, and price for every item they buy on a regular basis for that particular store.  Once all products are stored in a list, all the user has to do is activate the items needed and FitFin will update the expected spend total for that visit to the store.  Users can then hit the "Check Budget" link right from the shopping list, allowing them to review their budget before they shop. 

Why There's A Need

Gallup did a study in June of 2013 and found that only 32% of Americans have a budget.  Contrast that to recent findings by Reader's Digest, which said that 84% of Americans use a shopping list.  FitFin's approach is to give its customers a shopping list tool that they can use for every store.  Plus, if they're going into the tool 3-4 times a week to access their shopping list, that's 3-4 times they're looking at their budget each week, which is likely much more often than most people are looking at their budget now.

By Rick Portillo


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