Power4Patriots Responds to Violent Summer Storms

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Power4Patriots Responds to Violent Summer Storms

Storms that resulted in loss of life and property in the Midwest recently also knocked out power for hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses. In response, Power4Patriots suggests that homeowners get off the electrical grid.

Nashville, Tenn., United States / ACCESSWIRE / July 18th, 2014 / Tornados, severe thunderstorms and devastating wind gusts swept through the Midwest recently, killing several people and injuring many more while uprooting trees, destroying buildings, canceling flights, closing roads and launching floods around the Mississippi River and the Great Lakes.

Hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses lost power during the two-day weather event that battered Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin and other states along the storms’ wide path. The storms are the latest in a series of extreme weather outbreaks that have left countless millions of Americans in the dark through the years.

The best way to keep the lights and air conditioning on during summer storms is by becoming independent of the vulnerable U.S. power grid, say officials from Power4Patriots, who strongly urge that people learn how to generate their own electricity through solar panels and wind turbines using a system such as Power4Patriots.

The Power4Patriots system is an environmentally friendly way to cut energy costs by as much as 75 percent while making a home, cabin or RV self-sufficient. The system is a collection of videos and manuals describing how to build solar panels, wind turbines, water heaters and solar heaters.

It includes six videos demonstrating how to build a solar panel, including choosing the right materials, finding the right site for the system and avoiding costly mistakes; 10 Frequently Asked Questions videos; and two instruction manuals with step-by-step, illustrated directions. It also includes four videos and two instruction manuals detailing how to build a wind turbine.

Check out this video to learn how long it takes to build a solar panel using the Power4Patriots system.

Visit  http://www.power4patriots.com/  for more information.

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