Freedom Street Inc. Announces the Launch of “Dream Business Creation System”

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Freedom Street Inc. Announces the Launch of “Dream Business Creation System”

Kim Chernecki takes women entrepreneurs to new heights in 12-week online course, assisting female entrepreneurs to strategically plan businesses that stimulate job creation and spur economic growth.


Toronto, Canada / ACCESSWIRE / July 18, 2014 / Freedom Street, Inc., president and founder, Kim Chernecki, introduced today a new training program, The Dream Business Creation System, launching Wednesday. The 12-week, course is for women entrepreneurs ready to launch their ideas and passions into sustainable, multiple six-figure businesses. Chernecki helps women avoid losing thousands of dollars in time and startup costs incorporating a signature methodology called “The Dream Business Creation Map,” helping them create a three-year business blueprint that produces cash flow in the first 90 days of operation.

Small business startups are proving to play a vital role in the recovery of the Great Recession, with more and more women choosing to take the role of job creation into their own hands and become their own bosses as entrepreneurs, according to recent data from the U. S. Census Bureau.

The 2014 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report, commissioned by American Express OPEN, reports women start 1,288 businesses per day. Gaining new clients is the greatest fear of 90 percent of respondents. “Entrepreneurship can surely be a strong viable alternative to the confinement of a traditional job,” says Kim Chernecki, president and founder of Freedom Street, Inc. Without the right foundation and tools for success that vision can become a hard road to costly frustration and even failure. Our unique system helps women get their first three clients right out of the chute.”

Chernecki’s background of consulting with over a hundred North American and Fortune 500 companies and advisor to eight startups qualifies her to help women build a viable foundation of an on-purpose business uniquely aligned with who they are at the core supported by a strong business plan. Otherwise, when times get hard, women without purpose flounder and often fail.

Tory Burch echoes Chernecki’s statement when speaking about the concerns that fueled her own iconic success.
“I know what it’s like to launch a business from your kitchen table with a clear concept and plenty of passion but only a basic knowledge of business.”

Burch’s experience in mentoring women entrepreneurs has confirmed her belief in the power of mentorship programs to provide the expertise and tools women need for long-term success.

“Many of the women who participated in our mentorship programs needed something beyond advice and direction. They needed tools to help them develop their business and scale it.”

Chernecki provides the tactile business tools women are looking for as they seek her out as a job creation mentor when they have been downsized, are burned out from the corporate grind, are re-entering the workforce after raising their families or a number of scenarios all with the purpose of creating a business that provides freedom and flexibility.

Chernecki helps them design a “dream business” that ultimately provides the balance and security the current workplace is lacking and that women crave.

“Economic empowerment can be created best for women when we provide innovative structures and training in addition to providing support networks to help them succeed, said Chernecki. We have found that the best support comes from businesswomen advising and mentoring other businesswomen as they get their ideas and business plans off the ground.”

Veterans of Chernecki’s trainings give early reports the training course is impacting personal and economic growth in their communities.

“If you’re starting a new business, Kim’s program is where you want to start first. She helps you to gain deep insight and clarity to create the best possible business idea unique to you; and has a unique process to turn that into a compelling vision and holistic plan to fast track results,” says Graham Kingma, senior vice president, Verde Group.

“Kim shows up in a big way that supports all of you and the vision for your life,” says T’Ameaux, holistic life coach. Her program is perfect for people who are ready for action, who want to create a business as well as those who don’t know where to begin.”

About Kim Chernecki

Kim Chernecki is president and founder of Freedom Street Inc. and where she uses her 30 years of experience as a business performance consultant for North American and Fortune 500 companies to mentor women who want to take control of their future, create their own businesses and design a lifestyle they love.

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