A1 Pressure Washing Knoxville TN was Huge Success at Business Matchmaking & Tradeshow

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A1 Pressure Washing Knoxville TN was Huge Success at Business Matchmaking & Tradeshow

Knoxville, TN / myprgenie.com / ACCESSWIRE / July 17, 2014 /  A1 Pressure Washing's president announced that the The Business Matchmaking and Trade show was a huge success. Then event took place from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on July 17, 2014 in Knoxville TN. The firm believes that this was an exceptional opportunity to maximize advertising dollars through having over 30 procurement representatives from various local, state and federal governmental agencies under one roof at one time. This was the perfect place to expand A1 Pressure Washing's reach statewide since they are already pressure washing Knoxville TN experts.

Since the EPA is cracking down on waste water and debris entering storm drains and waterways, the need for the professional services of A1 Pressure Washing has dramatically risen. After the firm's participation in the same event held last year, the A1 Pressure Washing has seen a significant increase in inquiries from government procurement officers. While the demand for the firm's EPA compliant pressure washing has jumped since the Supreme Court held up that "Clean water means clean water," quality of service has not diminished.

The purpose of this trade show event was simply to match small and mid-sized businesses with governmental agencies that have contract opportunities for products or services and to create relationships to build future business opportunities. In the past, A1 Pressure Washing has accomplished just that by securing County and Federal government pressure washing knoxville TN contracts. The firm itself met with University of Tennessee, the City of Knoxville pressure washing and the Public Building Authority for power washing exterior buildings. 

The firm is equipped to handle environmental pressure washing Knoxville TN through the use of special equipment and techniques. This was the perfect place and event to connect with the government officials needing such services to remain EPA compliant. This event brought together numerous small and mid-sized businesses who meet in pre-scheduled face-to-face appointments with approximately 30 procurement officials from the public sector. The Business Matchmaking program consisted of 10-minute appointments between small/mid-sized businesses and matchmaking entities who had pre-registered.

The president of A1 Pressure Washing again explained the procedures of waste water reclamation, filtration and disposal of waste water and debris. After having great success explaining environmental pressure washing knoxville TN hotels, this event will only re-enforce the firm's high standing in the environmental sector. This is a double reward since most hotels use Tradebank pressure washing.

Located at 2000 Middlebrook Pike in Knoxville TN, A1 Pressure washing, Inc. can be reached by phone at 865-382-3548. For more information visit the website at/a1-pressure-washing.com  

Contact: Scott Hatcher, [email protected], (865)382-3548


SOURCE: A1 Pressure Washing