Artist reverses macular degeneration, helps others do same!

John Crittenden


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Artist reverses macular degeneration, helps others do same!

Burnaby, BC, Canada / ACCESSWIRE / July 17, 2014 / The latest updated report "Reverse Macular Degeneration With Minerals!" is now available. It shows major improvements in vision and general health of the author that are quite staggering and it answers the big question; why does his protocol work? Please download the updated report and destroy any earlier copies.

His opthamologist, Dr. Patrick Ma (who is a professor and current head of the Retina Division at the University of British Columbia), says he has never seen this kind of regeneration before. The medical profession says it's impossible. But Vancouver painter John Crittenden has beaten the odds (again) by taking a nutritional, science-based approach to heal an age-related form of blindness.

In this latest report John connects the dots and shows why his mineral/oxygen-based protocol not only worked but worked so quickly. In only eleven weeks he was able to reverse wet macular degeneration in one eye and completely eliminate dry macular degeneration in the other. Why was he able to do what the medical profession said was impossible? John also wanted to know the answer to this question.

In re-reading his research notes, and then the research itself, he was still unable to find the one big answer he wanted. Why did his protocol work so quickly? Undaunted, he did what he always does at times like this, he went for a walk, a long walk. When he returned home it was dark and he still didn't have his answer. So he went to bed with it on his mind.

In the morning he woke up with the answer. He had perused the leading edge research of a two-time Nobel Prize Winner, two ophthalmologists, a professor and a Neurosurgeon each in isolation. Each had part of the answer he sought but it was only when he "connected the dots" between all of them that he hit pay dirt.

John explains all in this latest updated report. He also added a two-page Abstract.

Download John's updated Report here:


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