Rodney Rice, Owner of Fitness Expo Offers the Latest in Fitness Equipment

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Rodney Rice, Owner of Fitness Expo Offers the Latest in Fitness Equipment

Metairie, LA / ACCESSWIRE / July 16, 2014 / Being healthy and fit isn't just about dieting and it certainly doesn't just include the daily walking routine. Having serious fitness equipment is the motivation needed for those interested in fitness, to actually make and visibly see changes. Rodney Rice, the owner of Fitness Expo offers all of the right equipment. From extreme fitness and even those new to the idea of proper fitness, there are a ton of options for commercial and residential properties.


For over 30 years, the Rice family has owned the Fitness Expo. Rodney Rice is the current member of the family to inherit the business. With several locations and a popular online presence, he has succeeded in carrying on the company. Rice takes pride in providing companies and individuals with the equipment necessary to carry on a healthy lifestyle.

Rice makes every effort possible to make sure that his customers reap the benefits of the fitness equipment they have chosen to purchase. The sales staff at Fitness Expo will help guide clients to the right machine for them and their needs. Certified technicians are even on call for those who need assistance with the equipment they have purchased. Rice really molds his company to suit his every client's needs.

As part of the Rice family, Rodney wants to carry on the family business, making it a place for all of those interested in fitness. From hospitals to corporations, Rice has supplied numerous amounts of gym and fitness equipment. He only offers the best and latest fitness equipment conceivable.

Elliptical machines, treadmills, bikes, rowers, and home gyms are all a part of what can be found at Fitness Expo. The newest equipment, LateralX is the latest elliptical machine offered in the selection that Rice carries for his customers. All of the equipment is guaranteed to give results when used properly. Services such as delivery and installation are offered with every purchase.

About Fitness Expo

Fitness Expo has been selling and guiding their customers into the appropriate fitness equipment selections for over 30 years. They have taken a lot of pride in managing the stores with great precision, giving their customers professional advice and insight to the right equipment for their homes and businesses. With over three generations of highly regarded experience at the Fitness Expo, Rodney Rice assures the best, most practical fitness equipment with friendly and professional service.


Rodney Rice
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4124 Veterans Blvd
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SOURCE: Fitness Expo