Serbian Humanitarian Organization 28. Jun Selects Aleksandar “Sasha” Jovicic as Executive Director

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Serbian Humanitarian Organization 28. Jun Selects Aleksandar “Sasha” Jovicic as Executive Director

28. Jun Provides a Voice and a Helping Hand to Serbian People Everywhere

Toronto, Canada / ACCESSWIRE / July 16, 2014 /  28. Jun, the largest international Serbian humanitarian organization, is pleased to announce that the Board of Trustees has unanimously selected Aleksandar "Sasha" Jovicic for the position of Executive Director.

Jovicic will be heading efforts to ensure future growth of the organization and implement strategies devised by the board. He will also be developing an international brand and raising awareness through marketing campaigns and expansion engagements sponsored by the organization.

President Filip Filipi stated: "We are excited to have Mr. Jovicic lay the path for 28. Jun to grow, in terms of both availability and presence in the international diaspora of the Serbian community. His two decades in the international finance, real estate and digital marketing arenas brings needed expertise to bring further awareness for our humanitarian organization, and ultimately, to assist impoverished Serbian people everywhere with getting the necessary aid to improve their livelihood."

The 28. Jun Serbian humanitarian organization was established following the diaspora and serves the Serbian people through humanitarian, social, and philanthropic endeavors. 28. Jun seeks to unite Serbians so they can share in a sense of national pride and ensures that the international community recognizes the Serbian nation and treats it with respect.

Assisting with Serbian flood relief is one of the most pressing issues 28. Jun is currently facing, and their efforts are being directed towards gathering much-needed food, supplies, and other aid that will soon be sent to the Serbian-populated areas of the Balkans, which were devastated by severe flooding earlier in 2014. 

28. Jun has already purchased and gathered the aid, which is awaiting shipment to the Balkans. Transportation costs have not yet been covered, and 28. Jun is seeking donor funds to hire an airplane to deliver this critical aid to the flood victims before it is too late.

Anyone who is interested in becoming involved with the cause is encouraged to visit the 28. Jun Serbian aid organization’s website to access news, videos, and articles featuring past and current projects.

About 28. Jun:

28. Jun is a Serbian organization engaged in humanitarian, social and philanthropic functions. In order to accomplish its goals, 28. Jun organizes fundraisers, which go towards supporting Serbian interests and humanitarian efforts. 28. Jun is a progressive, indispensable social organization befitting of the 21st Century, which serves as the unified voice of the Serbian diaspora. 28. Jun will continue to work towards reclaiming the Serbian peoples’ place in the international community through regional and global cooperation. 28. Jun looks to the future while learning from the past in order to provide the Serbian people with a nation that they can continue to be proud of. 28. Jun encourages those in the diaspora, as well as those in Serbia who are unsatisfied with the current state of affairs to join 28. Jun and take part in an Active Movement to make a difference. For more information, please visit




Filip Filipi
[email protected]

SOURCE: 28. Jun