Regenerative Leadership Institute Presents Invitation to Life Altering Nature Retreat

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Regenerative Leadership Institute Presents Invitation to Life Altering Nature Retreat

Beaverton, Oregon / ACCESSWIRE / July 15, 2014 / Reconnect to your values through nature and create a meaningful life doing what you love, the Regenerative Leadership Retreat offers participants an opportunity to reconnect with nature through listening, reflection, community and coaching.

Regenerative Leadership Institute is hosting the "Invitation to Life Altering Nature Retreat" at Henry Coe State Park in San Francisco Bay Area, California on May 4-10th and July 20-26.

The endless work, the pressing challenges and struggles, and the perennial problems of daily living can take a toll on one's health, mind and overall being. There are just too many distractions and issues that push people toward living inorganic lives and disconnected from nature, with a lack focus on the quintessential purpose of living.

The Regenerative Leadership Institute changes all that. As experiential permaculture-grounded regenerative leadership wilderness quest, the course meets the social and environmental challenges through a transformational nature-based leadership paradigm.

With an integrated professional coaching process and a supportive community of practice, the Regenerative Leadership Institute reconnects people to nature. The course is intended to help people find their true self through group activities, meditation, wilderness camping or travels, eating organic foods cooked by a loving group of individuals.

In particular, the entire experience constitutes a camping trip that integrates solitude, meditation, community, and life coaching to support and guide participants in making lasting, profound, healthy changes on their life. For an entire week, they can immerse in nature, in both community as well as in focused solitude, with an aim to "clarify your own coherent vision for an extraordinary life path and then create and implement that vision."

"The experiences I have had and people I have met has been life changing," said Marlee F., a fulfilled participant. "On these trips, a community is created and everyone's individuality is honored, welcomed and celebrated as you work together each day to prepare meals, confront issues large and small and discover how each and every one of us can be the change that we wish to see in the world!"

The Regenerative Leadership Institute has welcomed everyone who is on the search for sustainability, community and life-long friendships, which often result from the retreats in the Henry Coe State Park at the San Francisco Bay Area in California.

To find out more about regenerative leadership retreat please visit to reserve a slot or follow the Official Regenerative Twitter for information.

About Regenerative Leadership Institute

The Regenerative Leadership Institute is the nation's leadership, sustainable living and permaculture school. The institute reconnects people with nature, remembering collective heritage, creating a beautiful thriving future, rooted in community and sustainability.

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