Russo Chiropractic Moves to New State of the Art Facility

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Russo Chiropractic Moves to New State of the Art Facility

Russo Chiropractic is moving to a new state of the art facility, which includes all digital technology, instrumentative adjusting instruments and a digital x-ray unit in-house, providing an up-to-date facility with sophisticated equipment.


Metairie, USA / ACCESSWIRE / July 11th, 2014 / Russo Chiropractic Clinic has installed a digital x-ray machine which significantly advances its technology. The device displays a clearer, more in-depth detail of bone structures and certain soft tissues, resulting in improved patient education regarding his/her condition. Dr. Russo said, “Utilizing conservative care and evidence-based diagnosis—MRI, in-house digital x-ray radiology—allows me to provide patients with prompt, accurate diagnosis.”

Customers need not look further for the most advanced chiropractic clinic that Louisiana has to offer. At Russo Chiropractic Clinic, innovative, world-class service and therapy await new patients. Dr. Rusty Russo and his medical team will deliver a range of top-notch, research-founded treatments for spine and extremity injuries. To top its already stellar performance, the facility has moved to a new spot to better serve the public. Now located at 4033 Veterans Memorial Boulevard, Suite D, Metairie, LA, clients can now expect the convenience of easier access and even more outstanding services through more advanced and updated technology. The new clinic will be fully operational on the 1st of July 2014.

In connection to the new move, the clinic has employed the most current, up to date equipment and praxis to better manage more forms of impairment. In fact, the new office has now gone digital altogether, doing away with taxing paperwork, long wait times and inefficiencies. This means that doctors and staff are now able to devote more interaction and time with their patients, increasing customer expediency and satisfaction.

Since opening its doors to the public, Russo Chiropractic Clinic is spearheaded by Dr. Rusty Russo. “As Clinic Director of Russo Chiropractic, I manage the treatment and pain management of patients who have experienced injuries resulting from car accidents, disc herniations and bulges, headaches and sports injuries,” said the New Orleans native who comes from a family of reputable dentists and medical doctors in Metairie.

At present, because the newly transferred clinic has become digitized and now uses state of the art in-house digital x-rays, Russo Chiropractic Clinic’s cooperation in dealing with car accident victims referred by local attorneys becomes greatly expedited and less complicated. “My clinic is optimized to provide attorneys representing patients with prompt court-ready narratives and prompt access to medical records,” the esteemed chiropractor stated.

Since it opened its doors, Russo Chiropractic Clinic has always prided itself for utilizing the latest best practice of combined treatment methods to alleviate and treat neuromusculoskeletal injuries. At Russo Chiropractic Clinic, diagnosis and treatment plans stem from the mutual efforts of a multi-disciplinary team of neurosurgeons, neurologists, pain management and rehabilitation physicians. Communication and collaboration among medical team members of differing specialties allows for decision-making based on the most current treatment protocols and research. Now that it has transferred to another, easier-to-find site on Veterans Highway, Dr. Russo still maintains his use of a multi-disciplinary approach to diagnose and treat patients involved in motor vehicular accidents. “I specialize in determining the clinical correlation of bodily injury for trauma patients and hold extensive post-graduate credentialing in motor vehicle accident injury assessments pertaining to causation of injury, medical legal documentation and permanent functional loss.” says Dr. Russo.

At Veterans Blvd. directly across from Cane’s next to the Sprint Store, Russo Chiropractic Clinic is now ready to open its new doors on the 1st of July. Contact the clinic today for more information on their services and for updates on the latest in chiropractic medicine or visit his website at for a monthly blog or a free brochure entitled “5 Questions You Must Ask When Choosing A Chiropractor!”

Fill out the clinic’s online patient intake form at for a speedier clinic visit and reduced wait time as well as an enhanced understanding of health care essentials. Call Russo Chiropractic Clinic now at 504-407-0896 and receive a free initial consultation, $ 125 waived!

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