‘Live With Flair’ Helps Home Owners Easily Decorate With Professional Results

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‘Live With Flair’ Helps Home Owners Easily Decorate With Professional Results

Firm “Live with Flair” recently introduced popular Designer Chalkboard Labels with plans to offer additional products in jewelry, kitchen, dining, travel, and garden.


Cheyenne, WY, USA / ACCESSWIRE / July 11th, 2014 -- This week home product design firm Live with Flair™ announced plans to offer an expanding line of designer products that will help consumers give homes and workplaces an attractive, inspiring look. With a focus that proclaims “Your Life. Dream It. Live It,” the company introduced popular Designer Chalkboard Labels to considerable acclaim.

Currently the Chalkboard Labels are being offered on Amazon at Chalkboard Labels on Amazon by Live with Flair LLC

“Our Chalkboard Labels come with 24 chalk stickers in two sizes with a great looking designer border. Now you can organize your home with a professional designer flair,” said Rachel Aw, president and founder of Live with Flair LLC.

One of the founding concepts at Live with Flair  is offering creative customers the ideas and designs needed to add fun and inspiring flair to any space or activity. The firm’s Twitter page offers a continuous flow of home design ideas ranging from putting a twist to everyday items for a unique summer party to using a vintage kid’s wagon to store and display favorite books.

“We live in the age of design. Successful women, especially, just love getting great design ideas and products they can put to work in their limited free time. That’s one of the most important things we do here at Live with Flair,” Aw said.

Live with Flair will soon be offering professional design products that range through such sectors as jewelry, kitchen, dining, travel, and garden. Rather than accepting the same look and function everyone else has, customers will be able to add an artist or designer touch to ever corner of their lives.

“This lets anyone add energy and life to the objects and spaces around them. It doesn’t matter if you need creative ideas for work or simply want to enjoy your time at home with greater intensity, Live With Flair gives you the concepts, inspiration, and tools to do that,” Aw said.

Live with Flair also offers advice for creatively dealing with clutter. “Just ask yourself ‘would I buy this again?’ If the answer is no, out it goes,” Aw said.

The Designer Chalkboard Labels help consumers organize. Simply use a chalk pen for a very attractive and effective look. Labels come in large and smaller sizes, proving just the right size for most applications. While the labels could be seen as vintage, they are actually made of high quality vinyl that wears well, is reusable, repositionable and remains attractive for years.

Visit http://livewithflair.com for more information.

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Organization: Live with Flair LLC
Phone: 940-34-FLAIR
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