Gold IRA Rollover Pros Announces the Launch of its User-Friendly and Educational Website

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Gold IRA Rollover Pros Announces the Launch of its User-Friendly and Educational Website

The New Company Offers Outstanding Rates for Converting an IRA into Gold


Irvine, CA / ACCESSWIRE / July 9, 2014 / Gold IRA Rollover Pros, a company that helps people to rollover their IRAs or 401(k) plans into gold, has just launched its new and easy-to-navigate website. In addition to offering visitors to the website a free informational kit and no-obligation quote, features helpful articles that explain how and why converting an IRA to gold is such a financially wise idea. Although the company is still fairly new, it is already attracting a great deal of attention from retirees for its outstanding conversion rates.

As a company spokesperson noted, although 401(k) plans and IRAs are relatively simple ways to save for retirement, they both have some inherent problems. For example, a 401(k) typically involves putting money into different stock market funds over the course of many years. If the country is hit hard by a recession-like the one that took place several years ago-the value of the 401(k) can plummet. 

Gold, on the other hand, tends to hold its value no matter what the economy is doing. In addition to being resistant to inflation, the company spokesperson noted that gold has provided investors with solid returns over the past couple of decades.

Since people are typically unable to invest in gold through their IRA or 401(k), the best option is to convert the existing retirement plan into one that allows the precious metal.  This is where Gold IRA Rollover Pros can help; the company’s employees have many years of combined experience helping future retirees to invest for their future.

"We believe that you should be allowed to take the decisions you need to in order to safeguard your retirement," the spokesperson said, adding that those who are currently saving for retirement and would like to know more about whether gold and other precious metals would make a wise addition to their portfolio should contact Gold IRA Rollover Pros for help.

"You may have saved for years using a 401(k) and found that it has worked perfectly well so far, but now it may be time to take a different approach. Our job is to help put you back in control of your own money and ensure that you can provide for yourself and your loved ones during your retirement."

About Gold IRA Rollover Pros: helps individuals rollover their IRAs or 401(k) into pure Gold. The friendly and knowledgeable staff advises their clients on the process, legal issues, and cost while maintaining the lowest costs possible. For more information, please visit


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