Changing Careers Is Now Possible With Study Now, Pay Later Programs

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Changing Careers Is Now Possible With Study Now, Pay Later Programs

Anyone looking for a job or changing careers can 'study now and pay later' with a nationally accredited program teaching IT which has a starting wage of $50,000pa. Pay for the course after employment starts.

Melbourne, Australia / ACCESSWIRE / July 9th, 2014 / Today the IT Institute revealed that retraining as an IT professional is proving to be a smart career move for Australians, with salaries starting at $50,000 a year with an expectation of raising to over $90,000 after only two years in the workforce.

"Computer network professionals have a high percentage of full-time jobs, with high full-time earnings," a spokesman for the Institute today said. "Employment for network professionals is still soaring - and it’s notable that there aren’t enough people to fill in the jobs. Companies are desperately seeking trained IT professionals." 

Retraining as an IT Professional doesn’t have to be arduous, either. It can be costly to retrain as a professional, but the IT Institute can help students to study now and pay later - in other words, Australian citizens don’t need to pay for their course until they have found a job as an IT professional in the real world.

There are many different jobs in the IT world, making finding an IT job that’s interesting a breeze. Here are just a few types of IT jobs along with the average salary that workers can be expected to earn after just two years:
- Network engineering (average salary: $99,771)
- Project management (average salary: $132, 197)
- Testing and QA (average salary: $97,502)
- Business Analyst (average salary $108, 213)
- Web development (average salary: $93,271)

The IT Institute offers a unique training method that uses the resources of one of Australia’s largest TAFE Institutes. Students can take full advantage of these resources, and can combine a diploma of Information Technology with two of the IT industry’s most influential and respected certifications: Microsoft and CISCO.

People of all ages are retraining in this exciting new career. Whether that person is an 18 year old just starting out in a professional working life or a 50 year old looking for a new challenge, the demand for IT professionals at all levels means that this is one career move that makes great business sense.

For more information about retraining as an IT professional and how to get started, visit Diploma Courses today or call The IT Institute’s hotline at (1300) 135 947.

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Diploma Courses brings together TAFE SWSI and Course You Can, providing people with an accessible pathway to one of the most in-demand careers in Australia, Information Technology (IT). Diploma Courses allows students to complete the course without paying; upon finding a job, students then pay. For more information, visit the company’s website.

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