BioPower Operations Corporation Signs Term Sheet To Acquire EnviroPower Management, Inc.

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BioPower Operations Corporation Signs Term Sheet To Acquire EnviroPower Management, Inc.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida / ACCESSWIRE / July 8, 2014 / BioPower Operations Corporation (OTCQB:BOPO) ("BioPower" or the "Company") announced today that it has signed a non-binding term sheet to acquire EnviroPower Management, Inc. for CV Preferred Stock subject to certain performance criteria and 7,682,500 shares of common stock of the Company with a two year lock-up provision on such shares.  This acquisition positions BioPower as a converter of waste-to-electricity through the environmentally sound and patented advanced thermal output gasification technology.  EnviroPower Management has the global exclusive license in perpetuity to the patented gasification process which includes several enhancements that greatly increase the thermal efficiency and reduces emissions compared to pyrolysis, plasma, incineration, biomethanization, and anaerobic composting methods.  

Robert Kohn, CEO of BioPower, commented, "This acquisition is a game changer for BioPower, as it fulfills a long road of testing different technologies for the conversion of biomass and wastes to electricity and biofuels. This acquisition immediately provides proven environmentally sound technology with significant capabilities for converting MSW, better known as trash into electricity."

EnviroPower Management’s team has provided engineering, procurement, construction (EPC) or management services in over 250 waste projects.    

Dr. Neil Williams, PhD, P.E., stated "Our patented gasification technology is capable of converting a significant amount of different waste streams into electricity including municipal solid waste (trash); tires; construction and demolition debris; medical waste; industrial oils and industrial waste; pharmaceutical waste; biological waste; clinical waste; sewage sludge; APHIS waste and much more.  We are developing waste-to-energy projects using gasification globally and in the United States, for conversion to electricity wherever such projects can be financially successful.  The U.S. recognizes that getting rid of industrial and medical wastes through landfilling can no longer be a viable long-term solution for a sound environment."

Dr. Williams will be granted a seat on BioPower’s Board of Directors.

Additionally, upon completion of this transaction, the Company's diluted share count will be approximately 38 million.


A clean alternative energy company that designs, procures equipment, constructs and may partially own and operate Gasification Waste-to-Energy power plants, which use their exclusive worldwide license for the patented unique thermal gasification technology to convert numerous wastes to electricity and biofuels. This is an upgrade to present gasification technology in use around the world for the last 30 years. EnviroPower Management’s team has provided engineering, procurement, construction (EPC) or management services in over 250 waste projects.  The innovative gasifier designs enable the company to significantly enhance the thermal output providing an increase in revenues and bottom lines and one of the cleanest and most cost effective technologies for the conversion of wastes to produce electricity.  Utilizing an advanced patented dryer system on the front-end enables solid wastes, construction & demolition wastes and tires as feedstock to produce electricity.  The specially designed front-end drying system is helpful in developing countries where there is low density waste and high moisture content.  Wastes that can be converted to electricity include: Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) –Trash, Biomass Wastes – Trees, Shrubs, etc., Organic Wastes – Food and Animal Wastes, Industrial, Industrial Oils and Industrial Process Wastes, Construction and Demolition Waste, Tires, Sewage Sludge and Medical, Clinical and Biological Wastes


BioPower Operations Corporation (OTCQB:BOPO) is a development stage company formed in 2011 that has grown biomass and tested a variety of technologies for the conversion of biomass and biomass waste into electricity and advanced bio-fuels.

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