Wham Inc. Mulling the Sale of Art



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Wham Inc. Mulling the Sale of Art

Chicago, IL / ACCESSWIRE / July 8 2014 / WHAM Inc. (OTC Pink:WFMC) Ceo Israel Vasquez has requested in a proposal to the Board the ability to Auction up to 10 million in Fine Art for the financing purposes of the projects currently on the table to liquidate or monetize the Art through a Major Bank in an Asset Backed Lending Program up to 80% LTV. Details to follow.

Due to criticism towards the financial systems Mr. Vasquez has stated, "Banks are not making credit readily available for companies to expand so companies who are able must get creative and sell assets to be self funded."

It is vital for our economy and Corporations to create much needed jobs in order to grow the workforce. Historically, to succeed, companies have resorted to boot strapping in order to survive long enough for the economy to recover. With this in mind Wham Inc now finds itself in a great time and in a great position to expand as we've recently witnessed the DJIA break the 17,000 marker bringing back market confidence.

The Board has unanimously and promptly agreed to the immediate financing of their projects through the sale of Art in anticipation of their participation in a disruptive sector. Wham Inc has begun expediting the available Art for inspection and proper valuation of an expert Art appraisal. The Board has reviewed and granted the proposal for Wham Inc permissible for the sales.

Wham INC. is a publicly traded company trading under the symbol WFMC on the over the counter market.

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