Top Shelf Brands Holdings (TEMN) Places Company-Wide Emphasis On Both Style and Substance

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Top Shelf Brands Holdings (TEMN) Places Company-Wide Emphasis On Both Style and Substance

Boca Raton, FL / July 7, 2014 / TEMN: (OTC.PK) Offers High-End, Cutting-Edge Wine & Spirit Products to Growing Market and intent on competing with big players in the industry such as Diageo plc (DEO)-NYSE, Anheuser-Busch InBev SA/NV (BUD)-NYSE, Constellation Brands Inc. (STZ)-NYSE.

From the casual wine lover to the connoisseur with decades of knowledge of different brands and labels, everyone has had that experience of trying an expensive brand with a glitzy label, only to be left underwhelmed by the taste, turned off by the failure to meet expectations. But in a competitive alcoholic beverage industry where consumption is predicted to increase 24% in the next decade, Top Shelf Brand Holdings, Inc (TEMN) stays several shelves above those competitors by supplying substance behind the style; and that goes for the taste of its drinks, the quality of its brand, and the financial overlay of the company as a whole.

TEMN, which currently trades at 0.0036 with a market cap of 9.19 million, is a federally licensed importer of high-end alcoholic beverages like Besado Tequila and Dziaq liqueur, which is sure to be trend-setting drinks of the Miami Beach scene, gaining exposure through celebrity endorsement and association. The company possesses no lack of style. In addition to its jet-setting brands, the drinks themselves are mixed with high-quality natural aphrodisiac ingredients and served in sleek, picturesque bottles frequently made of eco-friendly materials.

But in addition to all the style points, Top Shelf has plenty to offer below the surface, as TEMN is backed by significant capital and a sound financial strategy, making it poised to deliver that satisfyingly aged flavor investors will be expecting years down the line. Within the next two to three years, Top Shelf projects to fashion no less than six nationally recognized brands across the categories of champagne, tequila, and bourbon, with the potential to reach its goal of as many as 10. Its marketing strategy includes not only the standard print and social media, but also outreach programs like trade shows, tastings, billboards, and open houses.

With projections based on ordering trends, the recent raising of 400K in capital, and several successes at tastings and other events, TEMN has posted revenue projections for the next several years, marked by gross revenue climbing considerably in four short years. Meanwhile, percentage-based product costs are expected to trend downward after year three, following production stabilization, which would create larger profit margins. Per-unit sales projections begin at 25,000 bottles per month with inventory turning over up to 6 times per year, meaning initial investments will be recouped fairly quickly for a budding company.

These estimates can be considered conservative, especially in light of the outright strength of TEMN’s IP acquisitions, which boast worldwide brand recognition and appeal. Besados upside earnings potential in untapped U.S. markets, for instance, is just one of several X-factors within Top Shelf’s unique product base, and the company retains exclusive rights to import and sell the brand in the United States. With viral marketing across social media and digital channels like YouTube, which has already garnered widespread attention for Top Shelf brands, there is no telling how high those X-factors will allow TEMN to climb. In fact, the company values just the initial run of two of its proprietary Besado flavors at $1.3 million, which will yield a gross profit margin of over 45%.

With many of the introductory runs on its products currently in production, the time maybe now for investors to get in on the ground floor of a company that could easily become one of the next big players in the alcoholic beverage industry. Not only is the company taking a shrewd yet progressive approach to the ever-growing Green market with health-conscious drinks and eco-friendly designs, but Top Shelf has its financial house in order and holds several internationally recognized brands that offer near-limitless upside potential. Pop the cork and enjoy a glass.

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Top Shelf Brands Holdings incubate, create, markets and supplies branded alcoholic beverages with an initial offering of Tequila, Liqueur and Bourbon. Being a federally licensed importer and supplier of alcoholic beverages gives us a competitive edge. Top Shelf Brands is dedicated to "Incubating and Creating Brands People Talk About". Top Shelf Brands is positioned to capitalize on the $1 trillion spirits industry. Strong growth in the industry is anticipated primarily in the premium category.

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